Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Debt Free Edition

The absolute highlight of this week was that we were able to pay off our new van (less than 90 days after purchase) and pay off ALL our credit card debt!!  Thank you Jesus!   So now, I’ll work for a bit and build up our savings account, pay for curriculum for the fall and for a real vacation and then I’ll retire!!  WOOHOOO!!

In other news, the weather has prompted us to start getting ready for planting season.   The girls and I spent time this week cleaning dry leaves out of all of the flower beds.  Then we dug up the raised bed gardens and put the dry leaves in and covered them with dirt.  By the time we start to plant in late April we’ll have lots of rich soil!

Pretty impressive leaf pile eh???   Especially since we don’t have any trees in our yard.  Those tress up the hill in the right of the photo belong to our neighbor….who doesn’t rake, and they all end up piled up against our privacy fence.   They do make good bedding for the flowers in the winter, and then we use them to feed the garden in the spring.


The girls LOVE working in the gardens with me.   You can’t imagine how filthy they both were at the end of the day!  The dog likes to help too…ahem.



Next week we fence in the garden.  Yeah, because the dog likes to help…ahem.

Our monthly Activity Day meeting was this week.  We studied Amelia Earhart, and made our own planes.  We also learned that “washable marker” is a false advertisement.


Nothing else exciting happened this week, just the regular classes.   Although, if you REALLY want a good laugh you should read my post from earlier this week Little Known Ballerina Facts.  Trust me, you’ll laugh out loud!

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  1. Yay for your debt accomplishment! That makes the whole spring good, doesn't it?

    We're considering getting into the garden, but it's actually way too early here. Enjoy your leaves and the good soil they're making. It's nice to have neighbors like that. :)

    Annie Kate

  2. We're just starting to garden. We've been able to rake up one side of the yard, but the other side is still mostly "under snow". The gardens are still frozen! But we're ready to place our seed order! Great tip on the leaves! We have tons and use some in the garden and others in the compost bin. And filthy is good! :D


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