Sunday, June 24, 2012

Renaissance Faire

A field trip can add so much to any learning experience.  But when you are studying history, and you get to travel back in time, now THAT is a cool field trip!  Here we are, midway into our knights and castles unit when up pops a Renaissance Faire (ok, the Faire is held every year here and I planned it this way, but we don’t have to tell the kidlets).

The scenery itself was spectacular.  We will at some point be going back for a rock climbing and caving expedition.  So humor me as I share some (lots) of photos of Natural Chimneys and the glen before moving on to the Faire.

Renaissance Faire 015Renaissance Faire 016

Renaissance Faire 029Renaissance Faire 030

Renaissance Faire 071Renaissance Faire 095

Renaissance Faire 098

There were so many things to see and do!  The girls loved the fire eater and the sword swallower.  This opened up opportunities to discuss not trying stupid things you see others doing..ahem.

Renaissance Faire 037Renaissance Faire 039

Renaissance Faire 057Renaissance Faire 058

The minstrels were a big hit, and they picked up a few extra musicians along the way.

Renaissance Faire 025Renaissance Faire 026

Renaissance Faire 027

Renaissance Faire 028

Renaissance Faire 093

Renaissance Faire 077

Lindsey wasn’t as interested in trying things as Olivia was.  She was more into shopping and being cute.  The cuteness brought a young lad of 8 or 9 about, offering a white rose and a honey stick.  Too bad my camera battery died by then.

Renaissance Faire 044Renaissance Faire 074

Renaissance Faire 076

Olivia, my self professed “tom-boy”, wanted to try it all.  Archery is not a gifted area for her, although she can battle with the best of them during a sword fight.

Renaissance Faire 035

Renaissance Faire 089

Her skills served her well in the end.  She was “knighted” during a ceremony with Sir Blackwolf later in the day.  I give you “Dame Olivia”.

Renaissance Faire 116

Sir Blackwolf also demonstrated the steps to putting on his full armor (chain mail instead of steel plated).  I won’t bore you with all the photos.  It was a pretty lengthy display. However, he assured us that in preparation for a true battle his squire could help him be fully suited in 10 minutes.

Renaissance Faire 111

The girls and I met some interesting characters, like Henry the Irish Elk Hound (who by the way is still a pup and will get at LEAST 6 inches taller).

Renaissance Faire 064

There was also Raven (the horse) and her barbarian friend.  Truth be told this was one of the most gentle spirited, polite men I’ve ever met in my life.

Renaissance Faire 050

Renaissance Faire 051

Now I’ll add a hodge podge of photos of the day.  As I said earlier, my camera battery expired before the end of the day, so I missed taking photos of the masquerade ball as well…sigh.

Renaissance Faire 006Renaissance Faire 010

Renaissance Faire 008Renaissance Faire 079

Renaissance Faire 012Renaissance Faire 047

Renaissance Faire 073

Renaissance Faire 019

Renaissance Faire 040

A good time was had by all!

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