Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–Mission Accomplished!

This week I finished getting the first level of the house cleaned…WOOT!   I deep cleaned both girls rooms, and hauled off BOXES of excessive toys, books and clothes to the local thrift store.  Seriously, the back of the van was packed full.  It looked like we were moving!  In  defense of the girls 4 or so boxes were used curriculum, books I’ve reviewed and books I just didn’t care for.    I also finished the kitchen.  Our room and the school room will be on next weeks agenda.

I did take Olivia to have her arm x-rayed.  No broken bones, but it’s still swollen and tender.  The doctor said it must be a deep tissue bruise.  She’s still having trouble rotating her wrist.  He said to give her 7-10 days to fully get over the stiffness and pain.

So, with that issue to deal with, tennis camp started on Monday.  (It’s a 6 week program.)  The doctor assured me that Olivia could participate, but to not force anything that caused her arm to hurt.   She did really well and is having  a great time.  I did notice that she’s still favoring the arm a bit, which makes my mom scowls go into place.   Hmmmm??


We also went by the local library and signed up for the summer reading program.  There were lots of fun activities, like pony rides, bouncy houses, pink chickens, crafts, face paint….and torrential rain.  Sigh.


Thursday was Lindsey’s last t-ball game of the season.  It was a makeup game, and came a full two weeks after her end of season.  Yeah, that made sense, not!

We also started our unit study on knights and castles.  I’ll be doing an entire post on the unit when we’re completed.  In the meanwhile, check out my little knights.


I’ve started doing our evening read aloud time again.  The typical response USED to be “are we done yet?”.  Now, since we’re reading about knights it’s “Can’t you read one more chapter?”  Last night I had to stop at 10pm because my eyes were crossing and it was WAY past bed time.

I hope you’ve all had a great week.  Visit the Weekly Wrap Up.

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