Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day In The Life

The topic this week at the Not Back to School Hop is “A Day in the Life”.   This is where you get to see what our day really looks like.  Brace yourself.

A “typical” day looks something like this.

8:00 am – Up, shower, breakfast (typically coffee for me and milk for the kids).  Followed by Bible, morning chores and the girls start on their independent studies.

9:00 am – Olivia works on her spelling, writing and reading while Lindsey and I go over her phonics, reading and writing lessons.

9:30 am – Olivia and I tackle her math lesson while Lindsey works on her remaining writing, spelling, and phonics work.

10:00 am – Olivia completes her math lesson and Lindsey and I start her math work.

10:30 am -We all work on spelling together and finish up any remaining work.    We sort laundry and get the first load of the day going.

11:00 am -We complete our Latin lesson and start on our unit study work that I’ve scheduled for the day.  Typically we are done for the day by noon, IF there were no major brain lock ups on anyone’s part.

Noon:  - We fold the laundry and then I start lunch and the girls work on the rest of their independent work (piano, reading and finishing up any homework).  We eat around 1pm and then I finish the dishes.  (My husband works 2nd shift, so we have our big meal of the day at “lunch”.  Then the kids and I have something light for the evening meal.)

2pm –4pm –  We play outside, clean house, finish laundry or work in the garden.   By 4pm we have eaten a light dinner and are getting ready for ballet, Awana or choir.

After we return from ballet (Tuesdays and Thursdays), we work on our read alouds, Bible readings and game time.   Then we’ll usually watch a movie and have some popcorn before bed.  Awana is on Wednesday night and ends at 8pm.  We typically come home and the girls get cleaned up and go straight to bed.

TODAY our day looked like this:

8:00 am – I am already showered and in the next town for my appointment with the chiropractor.  Followed by grocery shopping.  The girls worked on their independent studies while I was gone.

9:00 am – I’m home and we’re loading the van up to move my mothers flowers from my house to her new apartment.

9:45 am – We are on the road.  At 10:30 am we stop at a Chinese buffet (I kid you not, it wasn’t my idea, ok?)  We eat and finish the drive to the new apt.

Noon:  We have unloaded all of the flowers and the kids and I spend the next hour on the road traveling home.  

1:30 pm – School starts for the day.   There are no extracurricular activities on Mondays.  We should be finished our school work by 6:00 pm or so.

As this post attests to, there really is no such thing as a “typical” day. I have a schedule of what we need to get finished each day.  I plan our lessons accordingly to accommodate any doctor or dentist appointments.  I’m OCD…so once it’s on the schedule, it must get done..seriously.  Of course if there is an emergency that’s different.

What does a “typical” day in your homeschool look like?

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  1. Hey, we have those weird days, too! It seems very odd to say at 1 in the afternoon "Okay, start school now", but that's the beauty of homeschooling!


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