Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–Week #4

It’s hard to believe we’re finishing up our 4th week of the new school year already!   The county schools in our area opened up on Monday, and our city schools opened on Wednesday.  So trips to the playground are a lot lest crowded now (grins).  

This week Olivia and I finished up our unit study “The Care and Keeping of You”.   We had lots of fun, and one on one time through out this study.  Lindsey opted to wait until she’s in 4th grade to do this one.  She still tried to listen in, but then tore our out of the room exclaiming “I don’t want to know all this stuff!!” 

My Body Book 001

On Monday I posted photos of the girls for Student Photo Week.   It was a regular school day with no interruptions.  Both girls were able to get through their work early in the day.  After lunch we started a new unit study on nutrition.

Tuesday keeps being our no school day each week.  It wasn’t planned that way, but so far it appears to fall like that.  This week we were off so I could take my brother out of town for surgery.  All went well there, and the girls got to spend a fun day at the park with the their Dad.

Wednesday was a typical day  Olivia’s brain suddenly kicked into high gear and her scores jumped by leaps and bounds in reading and comprehension.    I made a few new teaching tools to help with math and language arts.

Thursday we finally got our new kitchen stove.  We’ve been without a working oven since early July. Then the store lost our stove before it was delivered….TWICE.  I kid you not.  This was one of those ridiculous, how can you be so dumb kind of situations.   In the end it worked out great.  We were upgraded to a MUCH nicer, 5-burner stove with a convection oven.   We also got a killer discount for all the grief and trouble.  We ended up paying $235 for the stove!  WOOT!!   

Friday…nothing exciting.  We’ve finished up everything I had scheduled for the week.  The stove was finally hooked up and I can cook!  I’m a happy camper!   I’ll try to come back later and post a photo…but for now I’m off to cook!!

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  1. Wow on the stove! Was it hard going since July without one?! It is good that you were upgraded and got a discount though!

    Sounds like a great week 4! I'm looking forward to after Labor Day when we start school and the crowds go away! We can head back to the state parks again without squishing in among all the people! ::smile::

    1. It was horrible going that long. It's a gas range, so I could light the top with a match if necessary (nothing like risking being blown to bits in order to fix oatmeal)...but the oven was dead. I didn't realize how much I baked until I didn't have that option.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love those days when their brains suddenly seem to kick in!

    Sounds like a great deal on that stove. We have a new to us stove that I'm not using right now because we're trying to sell our house. Sometimes I think about my new stove sitting in the shed and I wish I could cook out there. ;)


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