Sunday, September 16, 2012

Humpback Rocks–Blue Ridge Parkway

We are fortunate enough to live close to lots of wonderful field trip opportunities.  On Saturday we traveled down the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at the Humpback Rocks visitor center.  At the visitor center is the Ramsey farm. Although the farm is original to the area, it’s currently used for festivals, education, and a step back in time.  On the day of our visit the farm was hosting a Fall Farm Fest.  The entire family had an amazingly good time.

As soon as we arrived we were drafted for dance lessons.  We all learned to do the Virginia Reel.  Although no one in our group was ready for Dancing With The Stars, we had lot of fun and those watching had a lot of good laughs.



Even the band looks a bit befuddled by our dance moves.


The girls had the opportunity to make candles and to help make apple butter.



The farm itself is lovely.  The garden is very well laid out.  They even had tobacco growing, and drying nearby.  Although the girls were quick to point out that people shouldn’t smoke, they still thought the plants were interesting.



The house is small, but tidy and cozy.  The main floor has the kitchen and bedroom.  In the loft upstairs are too more beds and a storage area.





There was also a group on site who were teaching dulcimer clinics.  If you don’t know what a dulcimer is, it’s a musical instrument that looks like this.


Olivia, being my musical child, picked right up on the instructions she was given and was playing music right along with the group.  Lindsey, well, she had fun. 


The barn, bear proof pig pen, chicken house and spring house finished up our tour of the old farm.  The barn and pigpen are shown below.



These last few photos are just for fun.  However, I love the one of Lindsey and the older gentleman.  He was sitting alone at his little booth and Lindsey went over and plopped down and started chatting with him.   He was laughing out loud and seemed to really enjoy her company.  Although, judging by the look on his face, she caught him off guard a wee bit at first.




I hope you all enjoyed going on our field trip with us!

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