Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–The Brrr Edition

This has been one of the coldest weeks I can remember!  Our nightly temperatures have dropped into the single digits, with days being only in the teens.  But the wind, oh the wind!  Nothing is worse that cold hard wind!  Despite the cold, Olivia and I still managed to get our walks in 3 out of 4 days.  Tuesday morning it was only 8 and the wind was screeching and I just didn’t have the urge to get frostbite, call me a wimp if you will.   Thursday we walked in the newly fallen snow. While we were out, the water bottle that we carry froze, seriously.

We have had a really productive math week.   Olivia is charging ahead in fractions.  This week she learned how to subtract mixed numbers and improper fractions, and also how to change mixed numbers into improper fractions.   Lindsey started working on multiplication.  Additionally Lindsey is making great progress with her Math Mammoth Money work text.

Language arts has been slow and steady.   Olivia is learning to diagram sentences and she really enjoys it.   She is also finishing up her third book report of the year.  Lindsey is focusing mainly on capitalization rules, sentence structure and proper use of words like teach/learn, sit/sat/set, right/write and to/two/too.  

Both girls continue to excel in ballet and piano and guitar.  Lindsey is completely in love with basketball and actually claims to like it better than ballet!  Olivia is almost finished with her Awana book for the year, and Lindsey finished hers up this week.

Thursday we finished up our 100th day of school.  There was no celebration or anything grand.   I’m curious, where did the whole 100th day broo-ha-ha come from?   Do you “celebrate” the 100th day?

Friday was back to co-op, although the day was shortened due to an impending snow storm (that has yet to materialize).   Earlier in the week I shared about some of the crafts around our house and the many forms of music that can be heard daily. 

That’s about it for our week!

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  1. 100th day is a public school thing. A great opp to work on increments that build to 100 (for early elementary anyway). My oldest children did it there, but when we pulled out to homeschool, I could never keep up with the days to count to 100. Our life is anything but routine... but I think it would have been fun! My youngest has never experienced it and she doesn't know the difference! :-) the other big point is it often marks getting over the hump of the halfway point in the year (typically 90-something days left after that). Looks like you have a fun homeschool!

  2. A productive math that is something to be proud of! Please consider adding this to my end of the week link up, Its a Wrap. -Savannah

  3. I don't know where the 100th day thing came from either, but I am having the kids fill in a 100 Day Chart this year just so we can celebrate the 100th day this year...I think it sounds like a fun excuse for a party...LOL! We don't have to keep track of number of days for reporting purposes, so I have never kept track before. I didn't plan it this way, but our 100th day will fall on my 3rd child's we'll just make it a big day of fun. :-)

  4. Walking in less than Thanks for linking up with Its a Wrap. I hope you'll return this week.


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