Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–The One With Snow!


Yep, those are my girls only about 50 foot away from me in blowing snow.  It was like that Tuesday night into midday Wednesday.    It was our first snow day of the year!    This of course also meant that Awana, ballet and basketball were cancelled.    It was so odd being home in the evenings!  The girls had lots of time to build forts, snowmen and snow babies.

Academics were on track this week.  I’m really glad that I took this year to really focus on math and language arts, and strengthen weak areas.   I’m really seeing the fruits of my labor, especially with Lindsey.  I sometimes forget that my accelerated learner is still quite young, and needs to be treated as such.

Olivia and I have been trying to learn to knit.  It’s going much better now, but earlier in the week it prompted me to post this status on Facebook:

One day, God looked at Jesus and said "I've got a great idea. Let's give Joesette a kid who wants to learn to knit and crochet, and Joesette can help her." Jesus drew his frowns down and pointed out "But she doesn't know HOW to do those things...why would we give her a child like that?" God says "Because, it will teach her patience." Several years went by, and as Joesette contemplated stabbing herself in the eye with the knitting needles Jesus nudged God and said "um.....I don't think it's working".

Yes, really, it was that bad.  However, now at the end of the week…it’s still not great, but we are making progress, I think.

We did have our co-op today.  Attendance was low as parts of our area are still without electricity after the snow storm.  Today’s exciting news is that the golf pro from the local country club is coming in to all the physical education this month teaching golf skills.  Since you can’t find golf balls in the snow, they played in the gymnasium and practiced up close putting.

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  1. Springtime is in view for us here but oh how my kids prayed for snow!!!


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