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How Do We Know God Is Really There? - Review

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Sometimes kids (and adults) ask us questions that we KNOW the answer to, but we can’t prove the answer to.  Questions about God are sometimes like that.  If you have had a real, honest to goodness salvation experience you KNOW God is real, you KNOW that He’s really there, but you don’t necessarily know how to explain it.

In the book,  How Do We Know God is Really There?, author Melissa Cain Travis attempts to use science theory to prove God’s existence.  One of the sentences in the last paragraph reads “And the more you learn about the universe through science, the more reasons you will have to believe in our wonderful Creator.”    While I “get” the fact that this book is published by science curriculum giants Apologia, I don’t “get” the idea that science can convince people of God’s existence.   Science tends to change with the newest discovery, God never changes.  You either believe He is, because He says He is, or you don’t.

Doctrinal issues aside, the book has fun, colorful illustrations that my kids liked.  However, neither of my children really enjoyed the book.  Olivia, age 10 said that it sounds like it’s questioning God’s existence.   Lindsey, age 7, said that if you’re a Christian you should already know that God is real, and if you’re not the book would be confusing.  

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You can purchase How Do We Know God is Really There? from Apologia for $16.00


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