Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013-2014 Extra Curricular Choices

Now that everyone knows what are our 2013-3014 curriculum choices, I thought I’d share what we’ll be doing on the side.

Awana:  Olivia will be in the TNT Ultimate Challenge.  Lindsey will be in TNT Ultimate Adventure.  I’ve decided not to be a teacher this year, as my plate is pretty full.

Co-op:  I will be teaching a Literature Circle this year.  Both girls will have 5 classes per week.  Olivia will be taking Great Empires, Drama, P.E. Apologia’s Land Animals; Literature Circles.   Lindsey will be taking Hands on Science, History Heroes, Music Makers, P.E. and Meet the Masters.

Ballet:  Both girls will continue with 2 nights of ballet a week.  Both girls had planned to add hip-hop and tap to their dance schedule, unfortunately an increase in fees have made it cost prohibitive.  They will only be doing ballet this year.  Unfortunately classes don’t fall on the exact same days this year, so we’ll be at the dance studio 3 nights a week.

Activity Day:   I’m not teaching a class this year.  Instead, I’ve moved over to being on the Board.  I’m hoping this was a good choice.  Somehow I also ended up in charge of the 2014 graduation, gah!  Olivia will be taking an art class and Lindsey will be taking Adventures in Nature.

Piano:  Lindsey will continue to take private lessons.  Olivia will continue with her DVD curriculum.

Guitar:  Both girls will be working on guitar lessons at home, together.

In addition to homeschooling and the items above here is a list of other responsibilities I have.

Church Plant:  My husband and I are over the local outreach ministry.  I teach in children’s church and have taken on finances as well.

The Forgotten Initiative – Augusta:  I’m the church liaison for our area, and will be helping with projects throughout the year.


In my spare time (hahahaaa, I made a funny), I review homeschool products for Mosaic Reviews, books for Booksneeze and cleaning products for Purex Insiders.

Did I mention I also have another blog, S.A.H.M. I Am!?  I use that blog for sharing my non-homeschool thoughts, gardening info, recipes, frugal living, rants and little sermonettes.  Stop by and visit me!

I guess that’s about all we have in the works.  Grins. 

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  1. Hi Joesette!
    You're still blogging! Yay! I'm so glad I found you! =) How are you doing? Did you move here from homeschoolblogger? I started blogging again instead but my goodness, the blogging world has certainly changed! Your blog looks great! =)
    I hope you're well and we can stay in touch!

    1. Hi Leah!! Yes I moved her from homeschoolblogger a couple of years ago. I'd put all the info on my HSBlogger blog when I moved. So glad you found me again!!

      Be sure to join the site, follow on pinterest and facebook too to keep up with all our goings on!



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