Monday, August 5, 2013

Fresh Air–Day 2

Our second day with Ty`Nique was very busy, and lots of fun.   My husband’s company picnic was held early in the afternoon with lots of fun activities for the kids.  Olivia and Lindsey would have camped out by the animal adoption station all day.  We made many trips back to the animals during the day.

Ty`Nique 003

Everyone tried golfing (for a gift card)….we are a sad group of golfers.  Although Olivia did get a hole in one.

Ty`Nique 006

Ty`Nique 009

Jousting was another fun activity that all three girls enjoyed.  Lindsey jousted with a smaller girl, and Olivia and Ty`Nique competed against each other.  Olivia and Ty`Nique went back three or four times to joust, once was enough for Lindsey.  Lindsey is on the right, with the red head gear.

Ty`Nique 015

Ty`Nique 019

Beautiful butterflies on our beautiful girls.

Ty`Nique 040

Ty`Nique 044

More jousting….

Ty`Nique 050

This is a major victory for us…after a good 30 minutes of working up to it, Ty`Nique finally held one of the kittens at the animal adoption center.  She still doesn’t look too sure about it.

Ty`Nique 048

These girls had snow cones, ice cream and cotton candy (after a healthy grilled burger/dog luncheon).  It’s a wonder they weren’t bouncing off the walls.  There may have been a slight sugar buzz, grins.

Ty`Nique 053

We also hit the park for a little fun on the way home.  You may recognize the train from the movie “Evan Almighty”, which was filmed in our city.

Ty`Nique 059

Ty`Nique 054

Ty`Nique 065

We wrapped our day up with a little playing outside, a little bit of Twister and doing our nails with Jamberry products (review to come soon).

Ty`Nique 072

Ty`Nique 001

Ty`Nique 086

We let the girls make homemade pizzas for dinner, and they did a yummy job!

Ty`Nique 085

Day 2 was a complete success, and we’re all worn out!

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