Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Current School Room


This is School Room Week at the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop over at iHomeschool Network.  I’m a day late on my post, and to be honest it’s because we were in deep cleaning mode and I hadn’t finished the room up yet.  So here it is…drum roll please.


Not so impressive, eh?   I have both girls desks facing me this year.  Last year I had them on opposite ends of the table facing each other so that I could focus on their individual studies better.  This year we’ll once again be doing all of our subjects together, with the exception of math.  For that reason I decided to place the girls side by side so they could both see the timeline (new this year) and the white board at the same time.


Looking at the space from the side, you can see the layout a little better.  Directly to the right of my sitting area is a tote will all of our history/science things for the year (excluding library books of course).  The white plastic drawers on the right house supplies and curriculum for later in the year.   Art supplies and games are below the world map, and of course the girls computer desk is directly below the window.

Since this is our first year homeschooling with the husband gone during the day we very well may migrate upstairs more.  We ended up in the basement mostly to keep down on distractions and interruptions as he went about his daily routine.  I’m thinking the sun porch will be where we land most of the time.

Finally, in keeping it all real, here is my desk on the the opposite side of the room….still buried under “things to do”.


Do you have a dedicated room or space for homeschooling?

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  1. We do have a dedicated homeschool space. I homeschool our 2 daughters 11 and 13(6th and 8th) This is our third year homeschooling. The girls have their desk in the closet of our former guest room/now my office. We removed the doors and shelving from the closet, painted it pink, added a table and chairs along with shelving to hold the Paces not in use. Fabric organizers at the ends of the table hold the girl's current work. Your schoolroom is nice.

  2. Love all that wall space for the time line. Great room!!

    We have a dedicated room too. It's my favorite room in the house.

    Popping in from the blog hop.


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