Monday, August 19, 2013

The Stars of Our Homeschool

It’s Student Photo Week at the Not-Back-to-School Hop at iHomeschool Network.

First up is my 5th grader, Olivia.   She’s my introverted, math loving, hands on learner.   Olivia is learning to be comfortable with who she is, not necessarily by choice but because a great deal of her peers at church and other activities snub her, she’s learning to let it roll off her back with a shrug of the shoulders.  Typically you can find her playing with younger children, and having a great time, because she’s not “too grown up” to be silly.


Next is Lindsey, my 3rd grade student.   Lindsey is my extrovert to the maximum.  If there is no party, Lindsey will make one happen.  She’s my wide open, lets have fun, imaginative/creative child.   Lindsey is very concerned about the feelings of other and if a very passionate child.   She’s also an exceptionally bright child, which can get her into trouble at times, ahem.


These are my greatest accomplishments in life.


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  1. Your students are beautiful! Hope you have a great homeschool year!


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