Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jeopardy – Homeschool Style

Reviewing facts can be pretty boring, both for the student and the parent, but it’s a necessary part of learning.  I decided to make this unpleasant necessity as much fun as possible, so I came up with my own version of  the game “Jeopardy”.

It’s pretty simple in theory.  I purchased a tri-fold display board and some colorful index cards.   I then glued the bottom and sides of each card onto the board, leaving the top open. When the glue was dry, I went back an added monetary amounts to each row. There you have the basis for any type of review.


When ready to play the game, simply write out the questions and answers on other cards and insert them long-ways into the monetary pocket.   Use sticky notes at the top of each column to let the students know what that category is (people, dates, math facts…the possibilities are limitless).

Give each kid, or team of kids a bell or noise maker, and then play the game just like they do on TV.   Prizes like miniature candy bars or stickers are a great incentive for the winning team.

This handy dandy little contraption is getting a lot of use here in our homeschool, and will be making the journey to co-op with us this week as well.

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