Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week Wrap Up–Back In the Saddle

Thank you all for you get well thoughts and prayers.  After being on high doses of antibiotics for over a week I was finally able to eat solid foods (although not totally pain free) again on Friday.  My energy level is still not where it should be, but I’m sure that’ll return once I’ve got a few good meals down.   Strep throat in your 40’s is horrible, in case you are curious.    Thankfully it bypassed both children and the husband, and for that I am truly grateful!

Monday was scheduled as a field trip, but since I was still sick and it rained all day we decided to push out trip to Jamestown to the end of our unit study in November.  The girls spent the day playing and reading and I tried to catch up on laundry and disinfect the house.  We also finished our See the Light review (look for review on October 29).

See the Light 028

Tuesday we officially started our new unit on Early Settlements.  We’ll be studying Jamestown and Plymouth over the next 6 weeks.   This week we spent most of our time reading about the Starving Time (winter 1609-1610).  Bad stuff!

We’ve been working on direct and indirect objects in language arts.  The indirect object is still a bit harder for them to locate, but we’re making progress.  We only have 4 more units in Junior Analytical Grammar!

We were able to return to co-op on Friday.  Lindsey is in the 2nd-3rd grade classes.  The range of abilities academically, physically and emotionally in that class range this year is startling.  Lindsey is on the high end of 3rd grade, (she could easily do the work in the 4th/5th grade classes, but her age/size are an issue) and the majority of the other kids really aren’t on a 2nd grade level yet.  I’ve had two different teachers approach me with the concern that Lindsey is getting bored in their class but that they are really limited because of the skill level of the other students.   This week Lindsey asked me if there is anyway I can move her out of her classes “with the babies”.   So I need to look into that, sigh.

Nutcracker madness continues to rule our weekends.    

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. I hope you are able to find a solution for your daughter's co-op. That is a struggle.


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