Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–Hello December

Wow, the first week of December is history already!  I guess I should get on the ball with this whole Christmas thing, huh?   I did get a tiny bit into the mood this week.   We surprised our neighbor with St. Nicholas Day goodies.

Hello Fresh 017

We also did our last bell ringing of this year.   It was much warmer today, and pouring rain.  Thankfully our little station was under a covered bridge, outside of a farmers market.   The song and dance team were a bit…goofy, and out of step.


In academics, we began our unit study on the Revolutionary War.   I’m floored at how much I’ve learned already, yes me, I’m learning right alongside the girls.    History and math are our only real focus areas until January.

Olivia got the idea to make some clothe for her American Girl doll.  She didn’t realize how time consuming sewing is.  Nor did she realize that sewing is not one of my gifted areas.   We started with a simple cape.  Here are the beginning photos.   Once they’re done, I share the finished product.



This is our final week of Nutcracker practice before stage week.  The girls have had several long practices this week, and next week will be a real challenge…then we can relax!   Lindsey’s troop of mice were also in the city parade on Monday night, so she’s been in character a great deal this week.

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