Thursday, February 6, 2014

In My Homeschool–Week 8

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Unit studies is the big thing that’s really working for us this year.  We’re spending 6 weeks at a time studying history time periods including the people, animals and inventions of that time. 

We are currently studying the period from just after the Revolutionary War, to just before the Civil War.  We’re doing lots of hands on projects like the moccasins in the photo below, lapbooks and tons of reading together and it’s making history the favorite subject around here.

Oral Presentation and Moccasins 079




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  1. I love seeing the projects and lapbooks! We used to do much more in that vein than we do now. I've been pulling small projects out for the middle kids history and they enjoy it. Makayla moved on and prefers to read and discuss. Why do kids grow up? sigh...

    Thanks for linking up!


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