Saturday, June 14, 2014

Civil War Camp

We “technically” wrapped up our Civil War Unit study back in early May.  However, the girls were fortunate enough to earn scholarships to attend an all day Civil War reenactment camp that was held this weekend.

PVT Olivia

PVT Lindsey

The girls enlisted, Olivia as a Union solider, and Lindsey as a Confederate soldier.  They were issued wool coats and hats, haversacks, weapons and rations…then began the training.  They even wrote letters to the folks back home.

They studied the actual battle that took place on the land where the camp was held.




The troops then learned formations, drills and battle plans.  This part of the camp lasted most of the day.  


Late in the afternoon the troops marched off to battle.



Lindsey was in a group of snipers, set up on a knoll to take out the Union point men, who interestingly enough, happened to include Olivia.



The battle raged on for quite some time.


There were many casualties.


The hand to hand combat of course was gruesome.


Union troops began to retreat, but as they turned they ran headlong into the snipers (and Lindsey) charging from behind.


The battle lasted for a good hour with lots of action.   It was pretty impressive, and kind of surreal.

At the end of the day, both Union and Confederate soldiers received their honorable discharge papers and their monthly wages of $13 (and a really cool t-shirt).

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