Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up– The Break Week

This was our break week.   We had dentist appointments and other appointments scheduled and I had high hopes of getting a lot of thigns done around the house.    Then life happened.

Monday went as scheduled.   I was able to deep clean the house and get the laundry caught up.  


Then the snow set in and all activities and appointments for Monday evening and all day Tuesday were cancelled.   Bitter cold set in and the day time highs have been in the negative numbers.  

Child #2 picked up the bug that child #1 had, but much more so.  By Wednesday the husband had fallen victim as well.   It hit me on Tuesday, but well you know, we mothers don’t get sick days.

I did manage to get to the library to pick up books for next weeks lessons and have disinfected the house.    Both children are well now, just those annoying coughs still linger.

That’s about it for our week.  Hoping to have something more exciting to share next week.

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  1. we had something similar. child 1 gave it to me, I gave it to hubs, then somehow child 2 got it. Thankfully - I've run out of children to get sick. ;)
    Hope everyone feels better soon!!

    1. Everyone appears to be on the mend. Now if we can just rid of these horrible coughs we'll be good!

  2. Sorry you all get sick. I guess it is better that it happened on your week off, but it never feels that way when it is happening.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Oh, no! Illness does seem to run through a house...with Mom's usually last. Maybe we get it last because someone needs to take care of everyone else that is sick? ;)

  4. oh, no. illness does seem to run through a house quickly. with mom's getting it last!

  5. We've had stuff here too. First my daughter, and now I'm in denial that I'm actually sick not just suffering the effects of being out in single digit temps.


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