Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Classroom (Ok, our dining room)

The theme this week at the Not Back to School Hop is classrooms.   Admittedly, ours hasn’t changed a great deal since last year, but in case you weren’t around last year, well here it is.


Our dining room/sun room also serves as our class room.   The majority of our school work is done here around the dining room table. 

To the left of the table is this cute armoire.  My husband put shelves on the inside and it gives us enough room to store the majority of our school needs.


As you can see we cram a lot of things into the armoire.  The top shelf contains art supplies, extra notebook paper/graph paper and workbooks & text books to be used later in the year.

The second shelf houses the girls history notebooks (always in progress) my planner and teacher manuals and each girl has their own plastic tote with their individual supplies and planner.

The third shelf has math manipulatives, science lab items and whatever didn’t fix on the other shelves.   The inside of the doors hold art work, and I obviously need to clear last year’s artwork out, ahem.


To the right of the dining room table is this little bookshelf.  This bookshelf contains the dictionary, thesaurus, atlas and other grammar helps.    It also contains the books for the girls reading lists and required reading.  The top shelf has the glove, balance scale, pencil sharpener and timer for drills.

If you notice on the bottom shelf there is a blue box, and then off to the right of the shelf are two tins.   These containers hold glue sticks, pencils, erasers and highlighters.


At the opposite end of the sun room is where we spend a great deal of time reading aloud and working on hand crafts.   It’s a cozy little area that has lots of natural light and allows us to enjoy the outdoors even when we are inside.


This is our current view from the classroom.   Sunflowers and hollyhocks, and the bees and hummingbirds that each one attracts.


Last, but certainly not least is one of our favorite aspects of the classroom.   This little woodstove make the long days of winter very warm and cozy as we work and learn by the fire.


That’s a little sneak peek inside our homeschool.  Be sure to hop over to the Not Back to School Hop and see what other folks do for classrooms, or dining rooms as the case may be, grins.

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  1. Ours hasn't changed much since last year either, but it's still fun to share. Side note: love your sunflowers!


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