Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Vacation & College

My husbands summer vacation was this week, and it happened to coincide with the girls going to college.  Each morning we’d drop them off and then head out to explore local breakfast eateries.   Let me just say, some of the little Mom & Pop places around here are AMAZING.   It just now dawned on me that I should have taken the camera and shared photos of our delicious fare, epic bloggy failure.

At college, Olivia spent the week studying using color in art.   At the end of the week they had a little art show, and here are photos of some of her work from the week.



Lindsey was in a basketball class (surprise).  I was a bit concerned when I saw that Lindsey was only waist high on some of the other students in the class.   The instructor (who is a local girls high school basketball coach) said she’s been very impressed with Lindsey and despite her height deficit, she’s been able to hold her own.   The last day of class there was a scrimmage.  Here you can see some of the differences in size (Lindsey is #2 in the blue).



I missed posting on last weeks wrap up, but I did share about our July 4th Fun.  You might want to check that post out.  Here’s a sneak peek…

July 4th 001

As many of you know, I’ve been a contributing writer for Home & School Mosaics for several years now.   This month, Brenda & Heidi announced that they’ll be shutting the site down to focus more other interests.   There won’t be any new content added after the end of July, but the site will stay up until March 2016.

Also Writing For

What does this mean for Learning Curve?  Well, mostly it means I won’t be having as many reviews, and all of my writing time will be refocused to my own blog.  To be honest, although I’ve loved working with Heidi and Brenda, I’ll be glad to have my load lessened.

How has your week been?  Are you like me, floored that we’re already heading into the second week of July?

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  1. What a great camp. How nice that you were able to do breakfast out with your husband each day. What great quality time.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. It really was lovely! One of the little diner's served a full plate of biscuits 'n gravy and homefries with onions for $ was amazing! Thanks for stoppy by!


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