Thursday, September 10, 2015

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

After much planning, rearranging of schedules, family emergencies and finally having to skip ballet lessons (on a holiday no less), we finally made our way to the great outdoors for our first camping trip.  Since this was our first, and we weren’t sure how well the sleeping in a tent would go, we opted for a one night trip this time.

Our choice of locations was amazing.   There was a pond for fishing, a beautiful river for exploring and wading in, and lots of bunnies to romp with.

Camping Trip 2015 002Camping Trip 2015 040

Camping Trip 2015 004

We were all tired and ready to relax by dinner time.   We did the traditional hot dogs and s’mores over the open fire for dinner…and snacks into the wee hours. 

Camping Trip 2015 018

We sat around for hours listening to the night sounds, finding various constellations and chatting about history (of course).  Somewhere around midnight we all turned in for a well deserved sleep.  Air mattresses WILL be purchased before our next trip, ahem.

Camping Trip 2015 017

The morning brought a soft dew, bad hair, a stiff back and a herd of bunnies…and bacon.   Cooking over and open fire was fun, and tasted SOOOO good.

Camping Trip 2015 021

Camping Trip 2015 025

Camping Trip 2015 035

After breakfast we walked out to the river to explore.   The views are stunning.  The water was cold and a real “wake me up”.  We taught the girls how to skip rocks and looked for fresh water clam shells.

Camping Trip 2015 039

Camping Trip 2015 050

Camping Trip 2015 047Camping Trip 2015 074

Camping Trip 2015 062

Camping Trip 2015 071

Camping Trip 2015 044

It was a great first camping experience, and I’m sure we’ll be going again soon!

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  1. Great! Those air mattresses are a must!
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. A week later, I'm still saying "we should have taken an air mattress"! Not to worry, I now have a huge one!


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