Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Bugging Out

This has been a fun week.   One of my gal-pals stopped by Saturday and brought us some monarch caterpillars from her garden (and milkweed plants to feed to them).  One was just a wee baby, and has doubled in size almost daily.   The other was full grown and made it’s chrysalis by Sunday.  Now we’re on bug watch.   We’re hoping to see the younger caterpillar when it creates the chrysalis, and likewise are hoping to see the new butterfly emerge from the current chrysalis.



We also found a wonderful praying mantis is my aster’s.   We left him in his colorful home, but spent quite a while watching him.  His eating habits are gruesome at best.


I’ve added some extra hands on activities this week.   I dug out our little microscope and Lindsey spent time collecting samples and making slides.  Both girls enjoyed checking out the results.


I also brought out our floor size United States puzzle to help with geography.   We’ll be working with this for the next couple of weeks, getting familiar with the shapes and locations of each state.


Olivia has been learning to use the laptop for her typing lessons, and we’re using the white board a lot more frequently now that algebra is getting more involved.



Lindsey is enjoying our new approach to her science curriculum.  Behold out attempt at notebooking.


Last, but certainly not least….this girl turned TEN today!  Ten….that sounds so much older than it did when it was her sister turning that age.  The baby is T.E.N…..sheesh!


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  1. That looks like a great week! We've raised butterflies but never monarchs. How fun!

    1. We currently have two monarchs and two swallowtails that are in the chrysalis stage. I swear, watching them every is worse than waiting for labor to begin. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The science notebook looks great! I can't believe how your girls are growing. Such pretty young ladies!

    1. They really are growing and changing very quickly. The realization that they are closer to being adults than they are babies has been hard to swallow!

  3. Monarchs are so much fun to raise. What a great week.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. We've also added a couple of swallowtails this week. I'm on pins and needles watching the chrysalis'.

  4. The caterpillars are awesome! We've never raised monarchs but are currently raising orange striped oak worms. Thanks for sharing at the Weekly Wrap Up!


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