Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Rain, Rain and More Rain

We’ve had rain non-stop for the last week.  On Tuesday we had torrential rains that caused some pretty significant flooding in our area.  Today/tonight we are supposed to get another 3-10 INCHES of rain, GAH!!  We also have the potential for getting even more rain from hurricane Joaquim.  

Tuesday we cut our homeschooling day short so that we could attend a creative writing workshop.  We were very excited to get to attend the CHAIRS workshop presented by award winning author Jenny L. Cote!   I love Jenny’s personality and her writing style is engaging with just the right blend of history and fiction.


Wednesday was THE day.   Olivia’s braces came off!  We celebrated with  the one food she has missed ever so much over the last 18-months, POPCORN!



Lindsey’s science experiment has just about run it’s course.  We are at the place where the seeds need soil, and October is not when you plant cantaloupe in Virginia, grins.009

In other science news, we’ve been waiting for our last swallowtail butterfly to emerge from it’s chrysalis.  Imagine our disappointment when instead of a butterfly, a parasitic wasp emerged from the chrysalis.   Although it was a disappointment, it gave us a great new science lesson to explore.

Today (Friday) we were supposed to spend the day at the Frontier Culture Museum for homeschool days.   Unfortunately the museum flooded this week and is expected to flood even more during todays deluge.   Our IEW class was also cancelled because of the rains/flooding.   Now we’re spending the day reading and watching the water rise, and we may do some art and have a spot of tea too.

How are things in your part of the world?

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  1. Wow look at that gorgeous smile! Looks like the 18-month popcorn abstinence was worth it!

    1. It was indeed worth it! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We've never managed to get a close look at a parasitic wasp - that would be really interesting!

    Your daughter's smile is lovely. Totally worth it (and I am speaking as someone who had braces as a kid too!)

    1. She was so happy to get braces, and even happier to get them off. The retainer is taking some getting used to, as she now has a lisp. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We had a similar experience re the parasitic wasp but I wasn't really expecting anything so we at least had a surprise & as you said, a new lesson to explore! My 15 yr old son is in the retainers stage - only has to wear them overnight so he is very happy with that.


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