Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Deep Heavy Sigh

We’ve had a busy week (again).   I’m seeing a need for a change in the schedule.  With the girls being in ballet 4 days a week, for 90 minutes a day, it’s really tied us down and caused us to have to turn down other opportunities that the girls (and I) have really wanted to take advantage of. They are both talking about this being their last year in ballet.

Wednesday night we have 15 minutes from the time ballet ends until church starts, and church is across town.  Thankfully the class that my husband and I are taking is ending soon, because trying to get there on time is creating some major stress.  Family dinner is a must in our home, so some nights we’re not getting dinner until 8pm and the girls are supposed to be in bed at 8:30. We get the Nutcracker rehearsal schedule this weekend, and I’ll be interested to see how much worse that makes it…deep heavy sigh.

In more exciting news, Tuesday night our homeschool support group had a Mom’s Dinner Out.   Let me just say I SO needed this.   Granted I was the old lady in the group, but we laughed and had a good time and we had ice cream that no child had licked.  It was amazing!


Wednesday morning we went on a field trip to a a local church.   This particular church is rich in Revolutionary War history.   It’s also rich in the sense that is houses FOURTEEN priceless stained glass windows from Tiffany & Company.  Here are a few of my favorites, although my cheap little pocket camera does not do justice to these pieces of art.




The girls and I were also fortunate to get to see our last Monarch release from it’s chrysalis.   This was truly an amazing thing to behold, and gave me a great opportunity to expound on how when we accept Christ, it’s like coming out of the cocoon of sin and becoming a new beautiful creature in Christ.

Although it’s a bit hazy because of the netting, you can see the fully formed butterfly inside the now clear chrysalis just waiting to break free.



We’ve also got a praying mantis colony going on in the flower garden outside our sun room.   We watch them climb up and down the window screens and feast on bugs.   One of them is pretty big, see what I mean?


Pre-algebra has been a little more bumpy this week.   Although, it seems like we’ve had an off week all around, so maybe it’s not the pre-algebra as much as just the phase of the moon…or the upcoming eclipse?

Anyway, that’s my week in a nutshell.  How have things been in your neck of the woods?

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  1. We had an off week too. I just felt breathless at the end without really knowing why. I love the stained glass windows. They are gorgeous.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. That's how I was too, and snarky as well. Then my phone and internet went down, sigh... I hope this week goes better!

  2. Wow that butterfly is gorgeous! What a wonderful learning opportunity for your kids!!!

    1. This was our second monarch of the season. Our swallowtails didn't do well. Once died before it went into the chrysalis, the 2nd one was hosting a parasitic wasp that devoured it while in the chrysalis.


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