Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Pre-Thanksgiving

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and all the homeschoolers are studying the Pilgrim’s and coloring turkeys and such.   Except for us.  We’ve done nary a thing Pilgrim related this year.   Maybe I’m just no fun anymore, maybe I’m just too busy this year….maybe you can only do so much with a paper turkey?   I do have some lovely older posts, from when the kids were younger, so I’ll share those links here in case you want to be amazed and inspired (or at least so you know we DID do all that stuff at some point), ahem. 

This little long house is one of my favorite crafts we’ve done.  We soaked small tree branches in water to make them pliable, then used twine to tie them together forming the frame.   We used brown paper bags for the outside (wood bark) and then used dried pine needles to cover the roof and door flap.   Fun stuff when the kids are small!


My other favorite thing was the big study of Squanto we did in 2009.  The girls were young and we made a big mural (which I still have).  We also did a lovely little Thanksgiving Mini – Unit a couple of years later.  In 2013 we revisited Plymouth Colony as we journeyed through early American history.

This week, Olivia earned her first green stripe in karate.  She was really excited to get that belt and stripe.  Getting her to pose wearing it, not so much.

Meanwhile, in Nutcracker world, this is the last week of regular classes.  We’re off all next week and then it’s full steam ahead to stage.    Here’s our promo video for this year’s production if you’d like to check it out.   Both of my girls are in the video in several scenes, grins.

We’re on break next week.  I’ll be transporting family to medical appointments, Olivia will be working at her museum and we’ll be feasting with the family.   I’ll also be working on more Nutcracker props, hopefully I’ll have photos next week.

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours!

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  1. We haven't done any Thanksgiving activities other than a thankful poster by my 5 year old and one library book!!

    1. Well at least I'm in good company! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The promo looks wonderful for the Nutcracker. My kiddos are on stage the week before yours. It is a busy season. We aren't doing any Pilgrim stuff either. We did all that before.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. It's a very busy season. Next week we're off ballet (other than I'm making props), and I'm looking foward to the break.


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