Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Village People

For those who think this post is about a freaky looking group of guys singing "YMCA", stop reading now.  It's not even close.  I'm talking live nativity and gingerbread villages.

We went to a Bethlehem Village event this past weekend.  It was really well done, lots of little shops, costumed people and camels!   My brother, who happens to look a great deal like Santa Claus, went with us, so we were flocked by children every step of the way.  He was loving it and told the kids that "even Santa comes to worship Jesus".     Doesn't he just look like a jolly ole, 6 foot talk elf?

 Here are a few photos from that little excursion into Bethlehem.

This evening we decided to once again try making a gingerbread house (but it was a village this time).  I learned a lot of do and don't things on our first attempt a few years back.  This year, I had a plan, and it involved using a hot glue gun to assemble the gosh darn houses....and it worked!

We all had a good time decorating the little houses (which, by the way, looked a LOT bigger on the box).     However it does concern me that several of the houses look as if the are in the middle of a CSI investigation...

So see, we're little village people this week, even without the cowboy hat and Indian head dress, ahem.
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