Friday, January 15, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Friendships and Fun

This past weekend went by in a flurry of activity.   Ballet now runs from 9:30-11am each Saturday.  Basketball season started and all of Lindsey's games are at noon so it's rush from one to the other and inhale lunch in between.   Then throw in a friends birthday party at the water park and it made for quite the fun, but tiring day.   Unfortunately in my rush to get in and out I left the camera sitting home on the dining room yeah, I got nothing.

Here are a two of my favorite kid quotes of the week, names are being withheld to protect the not so innocent.

"There you go, being overly verbose again", said one child to the other, ahem.

"I just don't want to look back at my childhood and have regrets. "   This quote was during a discussion as to whether or not said child wants to drop ballet in order to try other opportunities.

Monday through Wednesday were typical school, ballet, church type days.  Thursday we had plans to finish school early, eat lunch and then travel across the mountain to a larger city to go to an indoor jump park with our homeschool group.   We finished school, ate lunch, got in the van, started the van and then heard a loud THUD and the van totally died and would not come back to life for me.    Thankfully, I was able to call another mom and send the girls with her while I worked on getting a tow truck arranged.    While this was not in my plan for the day, I can't express how grateful I am that this all happened IN MY DRIVEWAY instead of while driving 70mph across a mountain.

It turns out that the fuel pump went bad.  I have to wonder who on earth is the ding-dong who decided the fuel pump needs to go IN THE GAS TANK?!  My mechanic said I should be glad that our van is a little older model because apparently the new ones require replacing the tank and the pump to a tune of around $1200.  I really liked it when I could still work on my own car back in the day, sigh.

Lastly, but most importantly....have you ever watched as someone gets caught in a circle of life that just keeps spiraling?   Not a "boy they really made bad choices" but one of those situations where life just keeps throwing things at someone faster than imaginable?   Yeah, well I've been watching, and praying and helping when I could for the last three years...and this week God moved in a mighty way, and SUDDENLY the breakthrough came.  And you know, weeping when someone else gets their "suddenly" is a wonderful feeling.

Since I've failed to take any fresh, exciting photos this week, I'll share one from Christmas, just to make you drool.

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  1. OH no! It's never any fun when the vehicle goes; but I'm always thankful when I'm stuck at home and not out and about.

    1. Me too! I was very happy we didn't get stranded somewhere.

  2. We are still waiting to know what happened to my husband's car. That fudge? look so good.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. This is a dessert my brother makes. It has a graham cracker crust, then vanilla pudding/cool whip mixed and then folds in bananas, pineapple etc. The top is melted cake frosting with maraschino cherries. DELISH!!! (but I did make fudge too)


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