Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Days of Tips - Don't Lose Yourself

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents 
I'm an "all or nothing" kind of gal.   When I take on a task, I give it my all and don't quit until the task is complete, or until complete exhaustion hits, whichever comes first.   This is an admirable trait, but it's just a smidge away from being an addictive personality.   The fine line that the divides the two is often blurred.

Homeschooling truly is an all or nothing endeavor.  You are either going to do it with gusto, or you'll be looking for ways to get the school bus to stop at your house.  Let's face it, homeschooling with gusto takes time and energy.  Without even meaning to, it's quite easy to allow what you do to become who you are, or at least who you identify with.

How do you hold onto your own identity and successfully homeschool?   You have to be intentional.
  1.   Find a hobby - I say this to my husband often, and he gives me the stink eye.  You need some kind of outlet that allows you to enjoy being you.  This may be reading (curriculum catalogs do not count as reading material), crafting (not to be confused with school projects) or gardening.    Even if you have a limited budget and limited time, you can find something that you enjoy that is all yours...and no that's not being selfish.
  2.  Exercise - Gasp!  You may think you don't have time for this one, but really you just don't want to have time.   If it means getting up a little earlier and going for a quick walk around the block or putting on a DVD workout while the kids work independently, you really do need to move your body.   You'll have more energy and feel better about yourself, and you'll be setting a good example for the kidlets.
  3.  Keep Your Friendships -  Believe it or not, there was a life before kids, and homeschooling.  I'll bet you have at least one or two friends who are from "back in the day".  Get together with those folks for coffee or bowling, or whatever you connected over.   Not everyone in your circle of friends needs to be in your co-op.
  4. Stir Your Passion - Find (or remember) what it is that gets your motor running and find a way to get involved.   Become active in the causes that are dear to your heart.  Whatever it is that makes you furious, that is a problem you were created to solve.  Get involved!
  5.  Be You - This one may seem redundant based on the overall topic of this article .  But make a concerted effort to be yourself.  You may be quirky, or funny or musical.  Do it.  Be the person you were created to be, pink hair and all!
Celebrate who you are!

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  1. Oh my - this is good! When I am struggling with burn out, I find that it is because I have quit doing some of these very things. Thanks for a very timely reminder. - Lori

    1. I finally realized some time back that this is where my depression was coming from. I'd lost sight of me and truthfully my own value.

  2. We had a very similar idea for today's tip! :-) This is good advice. I really need to work more on the exercise part . . .

    1. Girl, I was preaching to myself about the exercise. LOTS of work to be done there!

  3. Great tips! It really is so easy to get caught up in homeschooling that we forget to take time for ourselves!

    1. Too easy sometimes! My youngest asked recently "what on earth will you do when we both graduate?" and I was like "return to life".


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