Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Happy Easter

The girls and I were happy to get the IDA program behind us.  There were some glitches (stray children running in the aisles and through the audience distracting the dancers for example, ahem).   Saturday's show was met with a spring snow event that made travel difficult.  None the less it's done now, thank goodness.

Saturday night we had our annual egg coloring fun with my brother.  Five dozen eggs later and we're all happy campers.  Check out my little "Cross-eyed" Minion in the lower left corner.  I crack myself up sometimes.

As I've mentioned before, science has been a real struggle for Olivia this year.   Come to find out, she just doesn't like all that scientific terminology.   This week she moved into her new anatomy unit and is doing really well and is actually enjoying her lessons.

Lindsey and I have been working through her Music Appreciation program, specifically studying George Handel.   To accompany her studies she's learning to play the Minuet during her piano time.

Here's a sneak peek at the latest review product to arrive at our doorstep.   The mailman is becoming a close friend, ahem.

 I pray that you have a wonderful time this weekend reflecting on what Easter (Resurrection Day) means for and to you.    You are loved so much that He gave His Son, because YOU were worth it!

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  1. Cute egg! We love the minions. Looks like a great week and I'm glad that science is going easier for your daughter now.


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