Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Stage Stress

We're slowing wrapping up our year over here.  Both girls finished language arts this week, and Lindsey finished up her science.  This leaves them both with only Latin, spelling and math daily; and Olivia still has science. I'm predicting the end of April as the end of our school year, although we have quite a few reviews going on right now that are slowing us down a bit.

International Dance Acclaim begins tonight, and the girls are starting to feel the pressure.   After  working for over 8 weeks to prepare, the instructor switched something on Monday, and that totally sent Olivia into a tail spin.  This change, combined with the fact that her partner dropped out caused a major break down early in the week.   She now has a new partner that she's not confident in, but at least she has a partner.   At this point, she's just wanting the performance to be over so she can move on.   Such is the life of a dancer I suppose.

Now that basketball is over, we threw volleyball into the mix this week.   The girls are both in the same league/group and have the funniest coach!    Lindsey is once again the shortest in the league, ahem.  However, she was happy to see that her sister is now one of the "shorter" girls, relatively speaking.
The weather was amazing this week with temperatures near 80.  The urge to get in the gardens and remove all the coverings from my plants was strong, but I withstood the temptation.   I'm very glad that I did as temperatures are supposed to plummet below 20 the next few days with SNOW in the forecast for Sunday!

Look what arrived at our house this week!   That's right, Music Appreciation, here we come!
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  1. We're starting a music appreciation unit, too! But ours is being delayed by a bunch of family celebrations. Your unit looks really, really interesting!

    1. I think it's going to be very interesting indeed! I'll post a review of it in May, so be sure to check back! Have fun with those family celebrations!!

  2. The drama of dance sometimes appears at our house too. I hope the performance goes well.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. They did well, although Olivia (and I) weren't thrilled with her mark. Apparently smiling counted as much as dancing with this year's judge, and the smile just wasn't there.

  3. Very Interesting! Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)


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