Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016-2017 Curriculum Picks - 9th Grade

This past year I combined 7th and 8th grades for Olivia, with two of her classes (Latin and keyboarding) counting towards high school credits.  For the upcoming year, I'll be counting this as 9th grade.

9th Grade Curriculum Picks:

Learning Language Arts Through Literature - Gray Book:  Again, this one is what works, so we're sticking with it.   1 Credit

Christian Liberty Press Spelling 8:   While this IS a spelling book, it also focuses on the most important foundational root words from Latin, French, Spanish, Greek, American Indian and Dutch. We'll be using it as vocabulary and combining it with LLATL for one credit.

Horizons Algebra 1: This program has REALLY worked for Olivia.  I'm not sure what I'll do next year since Horizons only goes to Algebra 1.   1 Credit

Memoria Press 2nd Form Latin:  This is another returning product.  We had great results with it last year and will continue on.  1 Credit

Homeschool Science Life Science 3 Book Set
Science Shepherd Life Science - I've waffled back and forth on this class trying to decide what would be a good fit after last year's train wreck.  Since I can't find an actual animal science curriculum, and I don't think I have the time or knowledge needed to create one, I'm going to go with Life Science this year.   I will also be adding Life Science Quest to count the entire year as a "science with a lab".
1 Credit

World Geography:  Northstar Geography comes highly recommended, and it has hands on activities, and that's a biggie for Olivia.   In addition we'll be using Uncle Josh's Outline Map Collection on CD.  1 Credit

Native American History: Olivia will continue to work at the museum again this year on the Native American site.  Combining her hours from last year and this year will give her well over 300  hours of hands on learning and experience, so this will count as a history credit.   1 Credit

IEW: Creative Writing:   The girls will be taking this class in a small co-op setting outside the home.
1 Credit

Bible:  I'll be working with both girls together daily as we journey through the PositiveAction - Wise Up curriculum this year.   This will give us a chance to work on character, decision making and wisdom based on the Bible.  1 Credit
P.E. - Olivia will be participating in both fall and spring volleyball leagues and a winter basketball league.  In addition she will also begin working with weight training and a personal running program, all this combined will count as her P.E.   1 Credit

This looks like a pretty heavy workload, but the Native American history credit is all hands on, and the  spelling/vocabulary isn't a super strenuous class.   If the year goes as planned, Olivia will finish up her freshman year with nine (9) credits counting towards graduation.   Two of these credits were earned this year (Latin 1 and keyboarding/typing).
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  1. We just started using LLATL and we love it so much! Looks like a great year.

    1. This will be our 3rd year using LLATL and we love it!

  2. You've made some wonderful choices. Hopping over from the "Back-to-School" Blog Hop.

    Happy Homeschooling!


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