Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - The Post Turkey Week

This was supposed to be a normal week for us.   However, when my husband arrived home from work at a little after 11am on Monday, things got a little wonky.   He wasn't sick, or hurt, or fired (thank God).  However, during Thanksgiving week, when the factory was closed there was a construction crew working in the facility.  Mid-morning Monday the powers that be began noticing piles of "white powdery substances" throughout the facility and quickly sent all workers home and cancelled the other shifts for the day, and announced the facility would also be closed on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning when workers showed up, they were met with locked doors and "CAUTION DO NOT ENTER" signs on the doors.  There was no communication as to what was happening, what, if anything, the employees had been exposed to, and if they would be out a week of pay.  Finally late Thursday evening it was announced that workers were to return Friday morning at 7am, but to go directly to the cafeteria for a meeting with OSHA.

It turned out that the contractor working in the facility during Thanksgiving shut down tore out asbestos, and then dragged it through the facility.   Cleanup crews have been working round the clock getting it safe, air quality monitors are in place and there is one section of the facility that is quarantined and encapsulated until they figure out how to proceed.

Despite all of that craziness, we kept with our regular routine.  Getting up early to hit the gym followed by school work then housework.   The husband got to go to the gym with us, and he was able to work in the yard a bit before the monsoon rains set in.

Monday night was our town's Christmas parade.  The weather was perfect (cold and crisp, but not bitter), and the parade was non-stop for almost 90 minutes!  The girls both came home with a bag full of candy and promo items that were tossed out during the parade.

Last week on the blog, I shared a few things you may have missed.   I shared my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide,the 2016 Blue Ribbon Awards from the Review Crew and my 2016 Favorite Product Reviews (this is a short list...favorites being the operative word).

This week, I've shared about our Elfing-Family Tradition (with recipes) and my favorite Christmas book.   Be sure to check those out.

We haven't started our Christmas decorating yet, and I realize I didn't take any photos this week, so I'll share a random photo with you, just for aesthetics.  This was taken a few weeks ago outside our downtown toy store.

Have a great week!  Please remember to pray for those who have suffered loss in fires and storms int he south this past week. 

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  1. Good that your husband got to be home with you all a few days. I haven't started holiday decorating either, and am on the fence on if I will or not. We usually travel during this time of year.

    1. We'll put up a tree, but I don't know if I'll get much else up. It's all good, we can just ride around and look at other people's lights!

  2. Scary asbestos situation! Hope that is resolved completely soon! The girls' new photos on your sidebar are so great! Wow, they are growing up!

    1. It's been a freaky week for sure! Not being told what was going on was the worst part of it, because we all know how quickly our minds can jump to bad conclusions.

      Thanks for noticing the new photos! They are growing up very fast....somehow I thought 18 years would take a lot longer!

  3. The night of our town's light parade was FREEZING! So much so my boys decided they'd rather stay home and enjoy a quiet night of movies. I was so glad. I do enjoy seeing the lights and the floats but I don't last very long when it's windy and bitterly cold.

    1. We've done that before too when it's been really cold and windy, or rainy. Have a great week!

  4. I do hope everything returns to normal and your husband doesn't have any lasting affects.
    Blessings, Dawn


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