Friday, May 5, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - Awards and Volleyball

We had a whirlwind busy day last Saturday.   Olivia received her award for the art contest at 1:45pm.  It wasn't a big prize, just a framed copy of the poster, but she was still thrilled.
At 2pm, in another town, was the Archery Tournament awards.   We were a bit stretched to get there, and we were probably 10 minutes late (and I'm NEVER late).   Thankfully there was a long winded speaker at the beginning of the ceremony, so we didn't miss anything.   Both girls took 2nd place in their age divisions (Lindsey in preteen, Olivia in teen).   We also found out that Lindsey was only 14 points away from the overall winner of the tournament and he's been shooting for 8 years.  

This is the last week of volleyball, and we had our beginning rounds of the tournament on Thursday night.   I'm telling you what, middle school aged girls can be just plain nasty.   This has been a totally different experience than our fall volleyball, and honestly I can't wait for Saturday so we can finish up and get away from these girls, really ya'll, it's THAT BAD.

Today (Friday) we were supposed to travel to the National D-Day Memorial  in Bedford, Virginia for a field trip.   Unfortunately, we've had heavy rains since last night, and I've checked Bedford's weather and it has been raining there as well, and they are under flood warning until late this afternoon.   While I love a good field trip, I'm not thrilled about being outside in pouring rain, or driving several hours one way into a potential flood yeah, I pulled the plug on this field trip.  

Academics are going well.   It looks like we will be finishing up in the next 3 weeks or sooner!

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  1. Bummer about the field trip; we've had pouring rain and flood warnings all day too.. and I heard it might last through tomorrow as well. Hope you manage to stay dry!

    1. WE had some damaging flooding in our area, so I'm glad I didn't drive into a location I wasn't familiar with on top of it.

  2. My friend pulled her girls out of a volleyball teem locally because the middle school girls were so mean and rude. We see it a bit at the dance studio, but nothing like she was telling us about. I am sorry for the harsh experience. The awards look great.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. We had some catty issues at ballet, but nothing like this....and it wasn't just with each other, they were that way with us coaches too!


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