Friday, May 19, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - Mother's Day Silliness

Our churches youth group had a mother/daughter luncheon to celebrate Mother's Day.   Admittedly they had it the weekend before Mother's Day, but I didn't think to put the photos in last weeks wrap up post.   We had a lovely catered meal, and a few games, and a silly photo booth set up.   Aren't these the craziest?
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Mother's Day itself was, as usual, a day of running from one place to the other to see the Moms.  My Momma lives about 90 minutes away from us, then my biological mother is 30 minutes from her.  My mother-in-law is then another 90 or so minutes in another direction and then the long drive home.  By the time we left church it was 12:30 and weren't home until almost 10pm.

We finished up a few more school subjects this week.  Both girls finished Bible. Lindsey finished math, and Olivia finished life science and vocabulary.    Lindsey has one more week of spelling and Olivia has one more week of Algebra.  (Although, we have a new review we're using to shore up the Algebra skills, and will be using that all summer...yes, really.)

Lindsey's volleyball team won the tournament!  Winners were announced at the banquet Saturday.  Here's a picture of the loan player, I wasn't able to get a team photo with their medals.  Speaking of volleyball, Olivia had her 2nd practice withe the private school team she'll be playing for this fall.  She seems to really enjoy it and so far the girls are all very nice (refreshing!).
In other news, I finally got the vegetable garden planted.  We'll have tomatoes, beets, radishes and lettuces.   Ok, so technically it's late for lettuce, but the weather hasn't been cooperative, and well today it was 93, so I figured worst case scenario I'm out of a $1's worth of seeds.   I still have a bit of room left, so I may go back and get some form of squash to plant.    Speaking of gardens, here's a few photos from my flower gardens this week.  Evening primrose (top photo), rose bush (middle), funky irises (bottom).

Lastly, Lindsey finished her latest 1000 piece puzzle.   We only have one more to go, I'm not sure what we'll do when she runs out! 
How was your week?  Anything exciting going on in your world?

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  1. I love the puzzle. I just love seeing the subjects finish up.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Now I just need to order our end of year testing and knock that off the things to do list.

  2. We just got our seeds out into the garden today; all sorts of squash and cucumber... now I'm just hoping our caterpillar infestation leaves them all alone! Looks like a fun Mother's day luncheon.

    1. I ended up with a little extra room in the garden, so I think I may try some new variety of squash this year.

  3. Our moms are too far away to visit on Mother's Day, so I kind of envy you your long day of visiting. :)

    Hope your lettuces do well. It's still spring--the weather could go any direction!

    1. It was good to see everyone. Momma has dementia, and for the first time in over 2 years she recognized me AND said "I love you". Well worth the long day of driving!


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