Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homeschool Rescue (Review)

Today I'm sharing my review of Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity. This online product consists of five modules (currently), with each module having 4-5 lessons.  Module 5 is currently under construction and only offers 3 lessons at the moment.   The recommended time frame for the first three modules to be completed is 6-weeks, but you can of course take longer or move more quickly as needed.  The lessons consist of a 20 minute or less video, and the corresponding downloadable homework assignments.   There are also great resources such as Facebook group links, book recommendations, printable organizational tools and more!

Modules cover topics such as homeschool triage (how to identify and fix what isn't working), scheduling, planning, teaching more than one grade/student, helping students prepare for success and much more.   In the video portion, you are not just staring at the speaker, you rarely see her truthfully, but it's more of a power point with bullet items and catch phrases popping up in front of you as the speaker does her thing.     I'll warn you, she has a very soothing voice, so listening when you're overly tired may cause an unscheduled nap, ahem.

The homework sometimes involves just the homeschooling parent, other assignments may require some family discussion or family meetings as the topics are worked through and processed.  During the house keeping module you get to break out the feather duster and clean.   There's real life applicable things here ya'll.

I listened to the videos, and admittedly it took a while to figure out to get the sound to work.  I'm not a gadget gal and had no clue there were little blue line to click for sound....I'm a dinosaur.   Once I listened to the videos, I then looked at the worksheets/homework assignments to see how they were laid out.  I did try to print the sheets, but honestly there was something wonky going on between the site and my printer and I ended up with 1/2 letters every time I printed, so I just wrote down anything I felt was noteworthy.

I'll be honest, the content is good, the videos are pleasing to the ear, but as a seasoned homeschool mom who is pretty darned organized on my own, I didn't find this to be the most useful site in the world for me personally.   However, I do feel like this would make an excellent resource (or even gift) for a newer homeschool mom who may not be found her rhythm or for one who has started drowning in the murky waters of uncertainty and self doubt.    There is lots of good stuff, and I'm not saying I've "arrived" by any stretch, but for me personally this wouldn't be a product I'd latch on to. However, as the site grows and more material is added, that is likely to change.

There is also a "Bonus" page/tab that offers 10 different styles of free printable planner templates and an a student accountability pack to help the kids keep up with their assignments and tasks.   These colorful printouts have a place for assignments, reading lists and chores.

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