Monday, April 16, 2018

The DIY Home Planner (Book Review)

If you've ever decided to remodel your home, or even just give it a fresh update, you know how daunting the task can be.   And, if you've ever gone into such a project without a plan, you know how quickly things can go horribly awry both with the budget and the end result. The DIY Home Planner -Practical Tips & Inspiring Ideas to Decorate it Yourself  by KariAnne Wood is   great resource to help keep you on task and on budget.

The DIY Home Planner is softback, with a built in pocked in the front and the back for paint chips, cloth swatches, receipts etc.   There's also a handy attached elastic band that holds your book together and keeps all your items securely in place, score!

 Decorating topics covered  include:
  • space planning
  • flooring options
  • paint colors
  • wall treatments
  • window treatments
  • lighting guide
  • pattern mixing
  • accessory styling
  • conclusion & resources
  • extras (printables)

There are grid pages that allow you to scale draw you rooms and your furniture to get an accurate view of how things will look.  There are also pages in the back that have printed furniture (sofas, chairs, tables, beds, dining room sets etc.) that you can cut out and place on your grid pages to see exactly what configuration will and will not work, without having to actually move heavy furniture from place to place (your back will love you for this).

There are also step by step instructions (with drawings) that show you how to add a faux brick wall, pain with stripes, checks and even hombre your walls.  There are also comparison charts to help you budget (especially handy when redoing flooring).  Besides cost, these comparison charts also list pros and cons of various types of flooring to help you plan what best suits your housing/family situation.   White carpet with kids and pets in the house is probably not your best bet, grins.

This is a great little book that can really help you make the best of your home makeover, regardless of whether it's just fresh paint or a whole new look.  You can find this handy little helper online and in stores.

About the author:

KariAnne Wood writes the award-winning lifestyle blog Thistlewood Farms, a tiny corner of the internet where all the stories and DIY's hang out and drink sweet tea. She also writes, photographs, and styles for several national magazines including Better Homes and Gardens Christmas IdeasCountry Women, and Flea Market Décor.

Disclaimer:  I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes.  I received no monetary payment for my review, nor was I required to give a positive review.   The thoughts and opinions expressed here are strictly my own.
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