Friday, April 20, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Box Week

Over this past weekend, Lindsey finished up her training to work at the museum.  She was really excited to learn she'd been placed on the 1850's farm and will be able to float between 1850's and 1820's as needed.   These are her favorite farms so she's thrilled.   She will need to work a total of three days before receiving her costume.

Sunday was a bizarre day as far as weather.  We went from spring early in the day, to severe thunderstorms, flooding and tornadoes in the evening, followed by snow flurries over night.  Our area doesn't typically get tornado activity even in the summer, so to have this happen in spring was unnerving.   All is well here, but that's not the case for all of Virginia so please pray for those who did lose everything.

Monday we woke up to chilly weather, and a freeze warning already in place for the upcoming night.  Those who had planted flowers and vegetables early had to spend the day covering plants, or risk losing them over night.   Olivia was scheduled to do a day of yard work for a friend to raise money for her Haiti missions trip, however the three inches of rain we received over night and into the morning nipped those plans in the bud.   We spent a day knocking out extra school work.

Tuesday we had a field trip with our botany class to a local arboretum.  Unfortunately, drastically cold weather has stopped blooming, or killed most of what was in bloom, so there wasn't a great deal to look at.   The fact that it was lightly snowing while we were there just added to the misery, ahem.

Tuesday was also box day!  Our first box of new curriculum was waiting by the door when we arrived home from the arboretum.   The second box arrived later in the afternoon.  Somehow this wasn't as exciting for the kids as it was for me.  Go figure.   I'll be posting our curriculum picks for 11th grade on April 23 and 8th grade picks will be up on April 30.

Wednesday was Lindsey's first day working at the museum.  Ironically, she never like the Little House on the Prairie books, because she said "All they do is sit around and make butter...squish, squish, squish...."    She was asked by museum staff to come today to help them, you guessed it, make butter.   While she's gone, Olivia will be churning out the Algebra 2.

Thursday morning we headed out early to the chiropractor to get Olivia's monthly hip adjustment.  We're a little past two years since she stopped doing ballet and we're still dealing with these hip issues, but it is getting better slowly.  I hate to think what would have happened if she'd kept pushing through the pain as the instructor told her to do.   Academically it was just a regular school day.

Friday (today) we are off early to co-op, followed by weekly grocery shopping.   This evening we'll be taking the kids to their first concert to see Citizen Way and Unspoken.   This is officially Olivia's "big birthday gift" even though her birthday isn't until next week.

How was your week?
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  1. I am so scared of tornadoes; our area doesn't typically get them either but we have had several warnings through the late spring and summer last year that really put me on edge (especially since they are most often at night). Glad to her you all made it through just fine. I find boxing day quite exciting too but the boys...

  2. Glad you all are safe. I hope you all have a wonderful time at the concert and the museum job sounds wonderful.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. we've had some crazy weather too, although not tornadoes this time - whew! I laughed at the irony of Lindsey having to help with making butter at the museum! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Weather has been crazy everywhere! Tornado sirens are regular visitors here for spring and early summer. I hate when the kids are woken up for them, during the day isn't as bad. Probably because it is light out and we can see and be less scared about it all.
    The museum sounds like a great adventure! I can't wait to hear about what you've got in the works for school next year. I'm getting a few last things nailed down for us.


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