Friday, May 11, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - More Dissection Labs

Monday was another work day at my brother's house for me.   We knocked out a huge chunk of the "things to do list" that brought the place to ready to show status.  The girls knocked out their school work while I was gone.  Very productive day, back ache and all.

Tuesday Lindsey doubled up on her spelling and math so she'll still have Friday off (she's scheduled to work all day at the museum).   Olivia chugged along with her work and then moved into her fish dissection.   I find it a bit disturbing when I see how much she enjoys digging an eyeball out.  The bottom photo shows the eye membrane, the actual eyeball was so small it didn't show up well in a photo.

Wednesday was Lindsey's first 1/2 day in costume at the museum.  They had six different school groups come through, so her 4 hour day turned into 6.  She worked with the students stuffing straw ticks for the beds, and in her down time she did some knitting.     Olivia spent a lot of time working on her WWII unit study as well as biology and Algebra 2.

Thursday we went to our local book fair to see what we could find.  We were really disappointed with the selections this time. Lindsey finished up her spelling curriculum for the year.  She only has pre-algebra left.   Olivia spent extra time working on her WWII unit study along with her regular lessons.  I'm hoping we can get most of her classes wrapped up before June, but I'm not so sure.

Friday (today) we don't have co-op.   The group is going to a amusement park 2 hours away and we just don't have the extra funds, and I can't give up another full day when we are not where we need to be.   Olivia is knocking out more algebra and biology today.   Lindsey doubled up on math yesterday and is working her first full day in costume at the museum.
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  1. What an excellent week. We are skipping the fish because it smells so bad. My kids are not as brave as your daughter.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Great week!! There is nothing about dissections that I can stand. LOL I was always glad when my kids could do that at a co-op or something so I didn't have to deal with it. Thanks for linking up!

  3. What a productive week! I am not looking forward to dissection units at all. I bet my boys would be just fine but I am squeamish with that kind of stuff.


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