Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Non Specific One

The second week of October has flown by!  The weather early in the week was miserable, rainy, cold and gray.  The second part of the week has been brisk and bright with lots of colors popping up in the trees.

We finished our dinosaur unit study this week!  We had so much fun, and quite honestly the girls are still asking to do more.  I may add a few fun things, but I’m all dinosaured out for now. (Yes I totally made up the word “dinosaured”.)  Here is my official embarrassing photo of the family doing the dinosaur stomp together, in their pj’s. 

Dinosaur Unit 037

I was also privileged to write a guest post for a new series by Jennifer A. Janes entitled “Be Fully Persuaded”.  I was able to share part of our amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness.  If you need a pick me up, this post will do it.

The girls have been such little sponges these last few weeks.  They are both plowing through their work with very little struggles.  Lindsey’s reading is through the roof! 

Co-op started back this week.  The girls really enjoy it, but my goodness we’re all exhausted when we get home.   It didn’t help that my husband was on 1st shift today, and he managed to wake everyone in the house up at 6am trying to get ready for work.  (But thank you Lord that he has a job to go to and the health to go.)  After co-op we hit the grocery store and typically aren’t home until about 5ish.   This was a long day.

Nutcracker practices start tomorrow. Our weekends are officially over until mid December.  I guess I can get caught up on my scrapbooking before the holidays.

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