Thursday, December 20, 2012

Activity Day–Christmas Around the World

Activity  Day was incredibly busy with crafting this month.  I actually planned too many things and sent one craft home with the girls.   

The biggest time hog was our gingerbread houses.   I had bought a gingerbread village kit, with 5 little houses in it.  We had “issues” at first, but once we got over that little hump (and added an extra pair of adult hands) things went well.

This little girl was so patient, as her house fell apart several times due to adult error not her own.  She kept smiling, kept working and ended up with a lovely gingerbread house.

Activity Day 005Activity Day 006

The other houses turned out oh-so-cute.

Activity Day 007Activity Day 011

Activity Day 008Activity Day 004

Activity Day 003Activity Day 009

We made snowflakes out of folded coffee filters.  This a such a fun activity and everyone loved it.  We had some really neat snowflake productions.

Activity Day 016Activity Day 017

We made tiny wreath ornaments.  The color is off in this photo, they are green with red ribbon and gold birds.

Activity Day 018

We made Christmas crackers as gifts (or to nibble on at night, wink).  The girls wrapped toilet paper tubes in Christmas paper, tied one end shut with ribbon and then shoved as much candy as they could fit inside.  Then we tied off the other end with ribbon.

Activity Day 022

We finished up our class with some home made snacks I’d brought, along with hot cocoa and eggnog.  My unexpected helper was a total God send today!

Activity Day 023

After we finished class we listened to the guitar class play a few Christmas carols for us.  There in the center of the front row, is Olivia and her hot pink guitar.  GRINS.

Activity Day 030

It was a great way to end the year!  Merry Christmas PEACH!

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