Monday, January 20, 2014

One Homeschool Day–January Edition

One Homeschool Day January Edition

Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool came up with the idea to share a full homeschool day, with photos each month.    It sounded like fun, so I jumped right in….and forgot to take some of the photos I needed, sigh.   None the less, this is what our crazy busy Thursdays look like. 

5:30 am, the alarm goes off an the husband gets up for work.   There was a time when I’d have gotten up and fixed him breakfast, but truthfully he fends for himself for breakfast these days.   I roll back over and catch a little more sleep.

7:00 am, I drag myself from my warm cocoon and stumble out to start my day.  My first stop is to get the woodstove going to knock the chill off the house.  I love the toasty heat from a woodstove!


Then I settle down on the sunporch to read my Bible and enjoy a cup of something hot, either tea, hot cocoa or on this morning, coffee.


The view outside this morning was lovely.


By 7:30 Lindsey is up and I fix her breakfast start prepping dinner for the crockpot.   Olivia is up by 8am, and after she eats and feeds the dog, the girls get ready to face their day, and I get dinner actually into the crockpot.


We work on our morning Bible reading together and then the girls work independently on their math (yes, while still in their pajamas) while I sort the laundry.



With laundry started, I check email until math is finished.  We then move into language arts and history.  This particular day we finished up our Revolutionary War Unit Study.

I knew this would be a very busy day, so I planned a light work load in academics.  We finish up our lessons around 11:30 and the girls get dressed and make their lunches.  Yes, they make their own lunch,usually sandwiches and fruit or sometimes left overs in the microwave.

By 12:30 I’ve finished laundry, the girls have finished their list of independent studies and this is where the day gets kind of wonky.  I woof down my lunch and grab my bag for my monthly homeschool board meeting.  Each place we need to be has it’s own bag, with everything needed for that activity kept in the bag.  It makes life easier.


1:30-3:30 Board meeting for me, Olivia is in art and Lindsey in an eclectic class (meaning you never know what the teacher is going to do when she gets there).

We rush home from that function.   Lindsey quickly changes into her ballet outfit and gathers her dance bag, while I cut the crockpot down to low and add fire to the woodstove.  Olivia and I both grab a book to read on while we wait at the ballet studio.


3:50pm, we’re walking out the door as the husband is walking in the door from work.  He’ll leave for his second job before we get home.   Ballet lasts from 4:15-5:15pm.  

5:30pm we’re home from ballet, Lindsey changes back into her normal clothes and Olivia grabs her cheerleading bag, bottle of water and a quick snack.   We’re back out the door and cheer practice lasts from 6:00pm –7:00pm.


By 7:30pm we’re home and the girls get their baths, gather their co-op bags for tomorrow and I finish preparing dinner.   A few corn muffins popped into the over round out a lovely chili dinner.   The husband is home by 8pm and we finally get to sit down and eat.

The husband and kids watch a little TV together while I clean up the dinner dishes and then the girls are tucked in by 9pm.  Typically 8:30 is bedtime, but that just didn’t happen today.

After the girls are tucked away in bed the husband and I discuss the day and whatever things are on the radar screen.   He’s typically in bed by 10pm.  

By midnight, I’ve finished up working on Board meeting notes,gathered up the necessary things for tomorrow co-op, responded to emails and finished a blog post.  Now I go to bed (and now you know why I don’t get up at 5am to fix the husband breakfast.

Come on over and see what craziness happens in everyone else’s homeschool at One Homeschool Day – January Edition.

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  1. Okay, now I'm going to have to make chili, that looks delicious. I love the idea to have separate bags already packed for different regular outings! I get so tired of packing and repacking bags for different places or activities. Guess what I'm working on this week?!

    I wouldn't be up early either if I was up till midnight. I'm not a night owl, though my husband would rather be one if his work schedule allowed.

    Math in PJs is great - my kids love when I just declare a whole day pajama day. ;) Thanks for linking up!

    1. The chili turned out really good, even the kids liked it and they aren't big fans of chili. The bags for each activity is my life saver, it really keeps everyone organized and ready to get out the door.

  2. School in PJs is great fun! Mine would not get dressed most days if Daddy didn't tell them to.

    Reading about your day was fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My girls are so jealous that your girls get dance and cheerleading lessons! :) What a full, fun day!

    1. My girls do basketball and cheer through Upward Sports, if you have one near you I highly recommend it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I actually intentionally dress my children in pajamas on days we don't leave the house, and I often pack different bags for different outings. It seems to simplify things :-) I loved reading about your day!


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