Monday, September 14, 2015

Exploring the Wetlands

I’m trying to incorporate more nature study and outdoor learning opportunities this year.   We’ve already been camping and will hopefully get to go again before the cold weather sets in.

We went on a little morning excursion to a local wetlands area.   It’s been pretty dry here, so the wetlands weren’t very wet.  We’ll try again in the fall after the rains set in.   We were able to find some of the mosses, fungi and liverworts that Lindsey has been studying in science, so it was not a lost cause.

Augusta Wetlands 015

Augusta Wetlands 045

Augusta Wetlands 036

We went off the beaten path and found some old relics hidden in the underbrush, like this old car.

Augusta Wetlands 007

This old irrigation system was pretty interesting.   The rock lined walls have partitions built every so often.   The partitions can be removed to allow water to flow through the walls to get from the pond (at the top of the photo) to be other side of the property.

Augusta Wetlands 002

Augusta Wetlands 005

The elevated pathways were lovely, and the views were great.

Augusta Wetlands 011Augusta Wetlands 016

Augusta Wetlands 018Augusta Wetlands 014

We followed the sounds of flowing water until we came to the underground spring made it’s way above ground.  As you can see, it’s very dry here too.

Augusta Wetlands 041

Augusta Wetlands 039

If you look REALLY closely in the bottom left corner of this next photo, you can see some minnows that were stranded in the shallows.

Augusta Wetlands 040

The signage along the trail said the wetland area is home to beavers, black bears, heron, snapping turtles, foxes, possums, bull frogs and a host of birds and insects.   On this trip all we saw were some crazy squirrels and lots of swallowtail and monarch butterflies.   Hopefully we’ll have more luck running into animals next time…except for the bears.

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