Friday, February 12, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Sharing the Love

We've had a pretty good week here.   On Tuesday we went on a field trip to our local MakerSpace collective.   If you are into woodworking, electronics or other handiwork, but don't have room for equipment, you need to see if there is a MakerSpace near you.   This place was awesome, with a full woodworking area, laser cutter, 3-D printer and lots of room for creativity.

Our homeschool support group meeting was this week, and we had a really good turn out.  The topic was "history" with the guest speaker focusing on how to add hands on ideas to history.   It also gave me a chance to peruse the curriculum I'm thinking about using next year, score!

Our church has a pretty good sized group of homeschooling families, so a couple of us have been working on getting a co-op fleshed out.   Today (Friday) we met for a couple of hours and had a Valentine's Party and had the kids create homemade Valentine's.   After snacks and exchanging of our own cards, we took the homemade ones to a local assisted living community and passed out cards and hugs to the residents there.

I love giving the kids an opportunity to get involved in the lives of others, and step out of their comfort zones a bit.  Lindsey was absolutely in here element at the assisted living facility; Olivia, not so much, and that's ok.  She went, she smiled and she made people feel loved, even though it wasn't her thing.   That's the kind of servants heart I desire to see in both kids.

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  1. That is so sweet and wonderful! I bet those residents were thrilled with their valentines!

    1. I think it was a real blessing on both sides of the coin. The elderly folks were really sweet and happy to see the kids.


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