Monday, April 23, 2018

Curriculum Picks - 11th Grade

How is it possible that I have a junior this year?  I'm beginning to regret letting her skip a year now that I realize I cut my time short having her at home, sigh.
Foreign Language -   Even though she has three years of Latin under her belt, we'll be adding Spanish this year using LifePac Spanish I.    Lindsey will also be taking this course along side her sister.   1 Credit

Geometry - We'll be sticking with what works, so this year's pick will be A Fresh Approach Geometry.  While math may never be Olivia's strongest subject, she really liked the way the Algebra II was done and wants to continue. 1 Credit

Art:   Olivia has loved her art class this year and wishes to continue using the same program.   She'll get to explore the world of color as she works through Artistic Pursuits: High School Book Two - Color and Composition1 Credit

We're doing things a bit differently this year.  Three of Olivia's core classes will be taught at co-op, with the students working at home 4 days a week then  working with the teacher and other students on Friday.

Co-op Classes:

World History - We'll be using Abeka World History and Cultures during this class.   I'll be teaching this as well as middle school world history, so I'm hoping to be able to teach both using the same schedule to make things a bit more streamlined for me. 1 Credit

World Literature- We'll be using Abeka World History.   The layout for the class combined with the schedule for World History make this a good fit for the upcoming year.   1 Credit

Anatomy and Physiology - The teacher in charge of this class has a Master's Degree and will using various resources, labs and dissection opportunities to make this a full year of high school science.  1 Credit

Total:  6 credits
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  1. I love seeing what everyone else uses!

  2. Sounds like a great year! I was thinking of graduating my middle son early (when he reaches high school and assuming he continues to blow through work at the rate he does now) but I was thinking I would miss having him at home and teaching him. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when we get closer.


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