Friday, April 27, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Anniversary & Birthday Week

Friday night was the Citizen Way & Unspoken concert.   We met up with friends and had a total blast!  The guitar player for Unspoken was homeschooled and they were cracking on him for graduating top of his class and our little group of 8 cheered long and hard for him and they gave us a shout out!   The husband and I accidentally heckled the opening guy (how does one accidentally heckle?).   He had a photo up of his younger days, when he was with the Newsboys, and said "Have you ever looked at pictures of yourself from 15 years ago and thought...."  and that's when both my husband and I said in unison "WHAT HAPPENED??!"....the guy literally fell on the floor laughing.  Fun times ya'll!

Late the kids got to meet the guys from Citizen Way.  Super, super nice guys!!

Saturday my husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.   When I say celebrated, I mean he went to work and I cleaned house.   Then in the late afternoon we took the girls to their end of season archery awards.   Olivia took 3rd place for the year and was thrilled, the t-shirt was quiet appropriate, no?   Thanks to that broken elbow, Lindsey didn't place this year...however she was only 11 points below her sister, so had she not been injured it would have been a different story I'm sure.
Monday we were up early to take the dog to get his shots.  He is SUCH a big baby!   Trying to get him in the van is like trying to wrangle and octopus.   Once we were finally at the house we put the dog out in the yard so he could recover from his trauma, ahem, and we hit the books.  Lindsey finished up her literature for the year after her final exam on The Trojan War.    Olivia did her first biology dissection of the year, poor clam.  Late afternoon we headed out to get our annual eye exams.

Tuesday we were up early and headed back to our old city for the girls 6 month dental appointments.  No cavities, Lindsey needs braces and we were back on the road.   We came home, had lunch and then dropped her off at day 2 working at the museum.  Olivia plowed through her school work she did her second dissection lab, the earthworm.   (eeeww)

Olivia also worked on an art project.  She was supposed to sketch a famous statue in charcoal.  She truly hates doing faces, as she just never seems to get the mouth and nose right.  However, I think it turned out really good.
Wednesday my baby turned 15!!!   The husband had a vacation day scheduled so we spent the day doing stuff as a family.   We went to the movies to see Sgt. Stubby (her pick) and then out to dinner.

Thursday Olivia had her yearly checkup and we went ahead and picked up a prescription for antibiotics to take with us to Haiti.  Other than paying and packing we are ready to go!   We came home and worked on school work, Olivia dissected a grasshopper and Lindsey went to work at the museum.   My husband had a softball game in the evening.   They are still undefeated, although this was a much closer game.

Friday (today) is co-op.   We're slowly winding down for the year, one family leaves today, the rest of us are there through the end of May.   Grocery shopping, cleaning house and making food for tomorrow's birthday party are on task for tonight.

In case you missed it, I posted our 11th Grade Curriculum Picks this week.

I hope you've all had a great week.   Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. I love how you clarified "celebrated"; that pretty much sounds like how my husband and I celebrate most anniversaries. We had a birthday this week too; my oldest turned 14. Wishing her a very happy birthday. Sounds like you all had a very nice week.


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