Monday, April 30, 2018

Curriculum Picks - 8th Grade

This is my first time picking 8th grade curriculum.   With Olivia, we skipped over that grade since she was already doing mostly high school work.   With Lindsey, I already have her on track to graduate at 17 because of where her birthday falls, so as of now I'm not planning to skip a grade with her causing her to graduate at 16.   However, we'll see where we are in a couple years and revisit that.  She'll still be earning two high school credits this year.

Math -   Lindsey will be doing Algebra 1 this year.   I'm telling you, finding a higher math that works for us and is affordable has been my biggest struggle with high school.   This year she'll be using A Fresh Approach Algebra I

1 high school credit

Foreign Language -   Even though she has three years of Latin under her belt, we'll be adding Spanish this year using LifePac Spanish I.    Olivia will also be taking this course along side her sister.

1 high school credit

Science -  Our pick for this year is Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy & Physiology.  Although this is a geared towards elementary students, we'll be using it as our spine and beefing up the content quite a lot  in order to make it work for middle school.   We'll also be using the notebooking journal as well.   

Language Arts -  We'll be using Apologia's  Reader's In Residence and Writer's In Residence programs combined this year to cover literature and grammar.   I'll also be adding a beefier reading list as well.

Spelling -  We're going with what we've used in the past, Christian Liberty Press 8th grade spelling.   This is the last year in this series, and focuses on vocabulary and word origins as much as spelling.

Co-op Classes

- I'll be teaching World History at co-op at the middle school level.   To be honest, I'm still working on what this is going to look like as I want it to be very hands on.   I'll use the same schedule that I'll be using for the high school class I'm teaching, so that I can streamline my workload to some extent.

Critical Thinking - This class will also be taken at co-op.  The class will sharpen critical thinking skills through activities such as matrix puzzles, mysteries, deductive reasoning, process-of-elimination and various games.

Science:   This will be another hands on class using God's Design for Science as the spine.

Total high school credits:  2

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  1. Great choices. I considered skipping 8th grade as well. In the end we did only 5 classes for 8th grade so dear daughter could do many 9th grade credits. I love the idea of hands on history in high school and I am working on crafting an American History credit that is mostly real world experience.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm considering skipping 8th grade with my middle son; we're hoping to add in some re- algebra for 7th and plan to do algebra for 8th. I like to see how you combine some high school with some middle school classes.

  3. Sound s like a good plan. We didn't skip 8th grade, because we did not want our daughter graduating early. She will not be emotionally ready to graduate at 17. Instead she did all high school level work in 8th grade, and I'm holding those courses in reserve for use on her transcript. One bad flare of her chronic illness could set her back a semester or a year, so it's great to have a full year of high school work in reserve.


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