Saturday, January 22, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up - Snowy and Cold

The weekend did in fact bring the snowstorm that had been forecast.  The poor weather folks tend to miss it so often, I was really quite surprised to see this one materialize.  Saturday was normal, early Sunday morning was normal.  Olivia made it to and from the 5am feeding without issue.  At about 10:15am the first snowflakes started to fall here.  Olivia's weekend employer texted and said not to try to come back for the afternoon feeding, they'd do it themselves.  This ended up being a great plan as the snow came down fast and hard all day before changing over to ice around 8pm.  By the time it was all said and done, we had between 8-10 inches of snow and ice on the ground.

Monday morning, we were all up early to shovel.  Olivia's work scheduled had changed for the week, so she was off, and all the schools were closed (and a lot of businesses) so Lindsey didn't have to go babysit anyone.  We worked for quite a while getting our elderly neighbor's driveway cleared, then ours and the cars we have parked on the street.  The snow plow didn't come to open our road until around noon.  Tom left at 1pm and was able to get to work, but less than 20 people showed up so there weren't enough people to keep things going and they were all sent home early.

Tuesday Olivia was till off work, but Lindsey had to go in.  She was up early and got a great deal of her school work done before heading out.   The girls had jiu-jitsu in the evening.

Wednesday was back to life as normal for all of us, everyone went to work without incident.  Our local schools were still closed, and a lot of business were as well.  For some reason, getting snow plows to come out has been a major issue this year.   Our church didn't get their parking lot plowed until mid-day today, and it was still very patchy so I cancelled my Wednesday night class just to be on the safe side.

Thursday morning was a repeat of Wednesday.  Everyone got to work without incident, and I went to get groceries.  We had heavy "snow fog" move in around 9am, but thankfully it warmed up and didn't freeze on anything.  The rest of the day was house work, reading and drinking tea by the fire.  Jiu-jitsu wrapped up the evening.

Friday Lindsey was off from work, but Olivia had to work.  Lindsey ended up with tests in three subjects, so the day went much quicker for her than usual.  Both girls went to play volleyball in the evening.  The ice and snow are still piled everywhere, and with temperatures over night falling into the single digits, it doesn't look like much chance of a change anytime soon.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, January 14, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up - Gearing Up for More Snow

On Monday I shared my 2022 Goals post.  I bypassed the standard "lose weight" and "do fun things", that never happen and went with actual projects that I can check off.  Olivia woke up with a terrible headache on Monday (it actually started on Sunday evening).  She is not one to skip work, but the light and noise made it much worse, so we decided to err on the side of caution and have her stay home.  She slept until about noon and the headache was pretty much gone when she got up.  By evening she was back to normal.  Lindsey worked 9am-1:30 for one family, then 3pm-5pm for another family.   She had most of her school work done before she left, and finished the rest up during nap times.

Tuesday everyone was back to normal.  Olivia headed out early to work and Lindsey had to be at work by 7:15am.  She took her school work with her and worked on it during naptimes and while the kids played.  I worked on some projects around the house, then Tom and I went out for lunch before he went to work.  Olivia and Lindsey both ended up working late so we had a quick dinner before they were out the door for jiu-jitsu.

Wednesday was work as normal for both girls.  Lindsey was up early to work on her academics before heading out.  I had an appointment to get the van looked at from last week's hit and run driver.  Tom ended up getting called into work early to do a split shift, so he was gone 10am-7pm.   Church wrapped up our evening.

Thursday was a regular work day for everyone.  I did the weekly grocery shopping and laundry.  The in-laws stopped by for a visit and cup of coffee around noon.  I actually took a cat nap in the afternoon while watching HGTV.   Both girls got home around 5 and we had a lovely sit down dinner before they headed out to jiu-jitsu.

Friday is Olivia's day off so she slept until about 8am.  Lindsey's Friday/Saturday charged arrived shortly after 8am.   Olivia finally had time to get out one of her new Christmas gifts and work with it some.

We're supposed to be getting another big snow storm this weekend.  We've made sure there's extra wood chopped and stacked and I picked up snacks for game night since we'll likely all be home Sunday into at least Monday morning.

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, January 10, 2022

2022 Goals

The last time I did a "goals" post was January of 2019.  Since many of my goals included getting with other people to keep relationships strong, the whole pandemic thing kind of blew me right out of the water.  This year I'll set more goals around the house I guess.

I think this year I'll focus a great deal on purging, downsizing and simplifying.  I'm not trying to be a downer, but after wrapping up several family members lives (after their deaths) over the last few years, I'm just feeling like I don't want to leave a bunch of clutter for someone else to deal with.

1.  Purge Christmas decor . I used to really like Christmas decorating, but that's not the case anymore.  I've got lots of things I've not put out in years, and likely never will, so it's time to get rid of it.  I also like decorative cookie tins, and have an abundance of those as well.  I'll likely get rid of many of those, and use the remaining ones to use to give cookies this next Christmas.  Goal date: January 31, 2022

2. Purge old receipts & records.  We've been married over 20 years, and in addition to our married tax records, I also have my own records from the 80's & 90's.   Goal date: January 31, 2022

3. Purge china hutch.  I have collected teapots and teacups for years, most of those sit in the china cabinet collecting dust.  I also have lots of serving platters and other miscellaneous entertaining pieces that I rarely if ever use.  Goal date:  February 28, 2022

4.  Purge scrapbook stash.  Now that the kids are older, I just don't scrapbook that much.  I mostly do their birthdays, vacation and any holidays that I remember to take photos of.  I don't enjoy scrapbooking that much anymore, honestly.   Goal date: March 31, 2022.

5. Purge children's books.  We've done a lot of reading over the years, and we've got a lot of books to show for it.  I'll keep some of the classics to pass on to grandkids (in the very far off future).  The rest will go into the purge pile.  Goal date:  April 30, 2022.

6. Purge homeschool curriculum.  We are getting ready to move into our last year of homeschooling, so anything that is in the stash needs to either be used in the coming year or ready to head to the used curriculum sale pile.  Our local used curriculum sale is sometime in May, so this one has a bit less wiggle room in completion time.  Goal date:  April 30, 2022

7. Yard sale - time to get rid of all the purging items!   Some items (scrapbooking, homeschooling) will be listed online.  I may do FB marketplace for some of the collectibles, but most items will go the way of the yard sale followed by donation.  Goal date:  May 31, 2022

Those are my big to do items for the year.  There's still the typical lose weight, spring clean, plant the garden and work on the flower beds as well.   

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Friday, January 7, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up - The Snowy One

The weekend was lovely, in the 70's.  Then Sunday night/Monday morning between 3am and 5am our temperatures took a nose dive into the 20's and by late Monday morning our area was blanketed under 9-10 inches of heavy, wet snow.

Olivia was still house sitting, she was supposed to leave Monday morning and head to work and come home that night.  Unfortunately, she got snowed in and didn't make it to work, or home.  Tom had the day off as a holiday, so it didn't affect him.   Mid-morning a driver with "issues" came up the street, in a 2 wheel drive pickup truck.  He'd not bothered to clear his windshield off before he started driving, and was either intoxicated or in some way mentally impaired.  He hit two vehicles down the street before making it through the intersection and onto our block.  He sideswiped our van and then plowed into a snow bank and got stuck.  He then proceeded to sit there and mash the gas pedal to the floor in an attempt to just keep driving.  He had smoke just rolling off his tires and filling the neighborhood with the nastiest smell.  It was quite the display.  Several police officers responded, and had his car towed away. It had to be towed, as he literally wore the tread off his back tires and got all the way into the steel belts.   He was charged with several counts of hit and run and ordered to go for a medical evaluation.   The rest of the day was a bit more uneventful.

Lindsey started back to school. She didn't have anywhere to babysit since the one family tested positive for covid and the other family is a teacher and everyone was out of school for a snow day.  

Tuesday morning, Tom and I got up early and made the trek out to where Olivia was staying.  She's never driven in snow, and we weren't sure what the roads would be like out her way, and from there to her job.  Tom dropped me off at the bottom of the driveway and I made the trek up the hill.  Olivia had cleaned her car off the day before and got a little path cleared around it.  Coming down the driveway wasn't bad even though it's a little steep.  Roads weren't horrible, but I drove her to work and Tom picked me up there.  The roads were all totally clear by mid-morning.  Tom went back to work in the afternoon, after being off from December 20.  The girls went to jiu-jitsu in the evening.

Wednesday morning Lindsey was up early and off to work.  Everything returned to normal schedule including church services in the evening.  

Thursday was pretty much a repeat of Wednesday.  The girls went to jiu-jitsu in the evening, and got home just before the next round of snow started.  Tom was able to get home from work with no problems.

Friday morning we woke to temperatures in the low teens and about 3 inches of new snow.  Nobody had to be at work (except Tom in the afternoon) so everyone slept in, except me.  I was still up before 6:30am.  This was the powdery kind of snow.  The cold temps make it turn to ice, so it was a bit slicker than expected.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, December 31, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up - Goodbye 2021

The last week of the year has been low key for us.   Lindsey and Tom were off work all week, Olivia was on her regular schedule.

Monday, Lindsey helped me take down all the Christmas decor.  Yes, I know it's early, but this was the least Christmassy feeling Christmas ever, so we were all glad to have the stuff out of the way.  Tom finished a gardening project we started last week.  

Tuesday I spent time researching and ordering curriculum for Lindsey's senior year.  I might add a class or two, but I got the majority of it ordered.  The evening consisted of jiu-jitsu and HGTV.

Wednesday I spent the day at my brother's house.  Olivia started a house/dog sitting gig, so she didn't come home after work, but went to the other house for the next few days.  

Thursday I got a later start than usual for grocery shopping.  I now see the error of my ways and will never again go mid morning.  I came home and put baked potatoes in the crockpot for dinner and then got started on laundry.  Olivia came by around 6pm and ate a quick baked potato and then she and Lindsey left for jiu-jitsu.   She came in to shower after class and I did the typical mom thing of sending her home with food for the next few days.  I even sent her own little bottle of sparkling apple cider for her to ring in the new year with.

Friday Tom and I went back out to my brother's, and Lindsey ended up babysitting for a couple of hours.  It was Olivia's day off from all things horsey, so she spent the day napping and watching tv with the dogs she's sitting for.  We'll have a low key New Year's celebration at home and call it a year, with any luck I'll be sound asleep by 10pm.

Happy New Year to you all!

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