Friday, October 11, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up - Fall Fun, Concert and the Virus from Heck

My husband's extended family does a big community fish fry each fall.  This past Saturday was the big day, and we all converged on their church fellowship hall for more food than you could imagine. It was fun reconnecting with folks we only see once a year.    I snagged one of the cute little table decorations to bring home.
Sunday evening we went to see the group Sidewalk Prophets in concert with friends.  There were three families in our group and trying to get everyone doing the same thing at the same time proved to be a bigger challenge than I'd expected, so there are no photos of everyone together.  Below is the band in concert, Group A with Sidewalk Prophets after the concert and Group B at our traditional after concert milkshake run.

Monday morning is where it all fell apart.   Olivia got up, started to feed the dog and promptly fainted twice in a 5-10 minute time frame, followed by a fever and 24 hours of straight sleep.   Two doctor visits later  and a false diagnosis of mono, we still had no answers other than the greatly annoying "it's a virus, it'll pass" line that they give you when they really don't know what to tell you.     Olivia spent Monday through Wednesday in bed, living on Gatorade and Tylenol.  Thursday she moved to the sofa where she choked down a little yogurt mid morning.  Friday there was a bit more light in her eyes, and she wasn't nearly as wobbly overall.    She's down several pounds as well.

Lindsey got all of her school work done this week, went to volleyball practice, worked at the museum and finished some new cushion covers for her ever growing sewing business.
Today I'm doing laundry, washing all the linens and disinfecting everything that doesn't get out of the way.  Here's to a virus free weekend, and hopefully a full recovery as the girls have a very important volleyball game on Monday.
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Friday, October 4, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up - A Surprise!

At the end of last week (I can't remember if it was Friday or Saturday), while I was fixing dinner, Olivia came in the kitchen with a wide eyed expression on her face, and a letter in her hand.  "I think you should read this" she said rather uncertainly.  It was her acceptance letter, to her #1 college choice, with an INCREDIBLE scholarship as well.   God is good! 
We spent Tuesday getting the FAFSA filled out to check that off of or our college "things to do" list.  Olivia had her class at the community college, and Lindsey had her first orthodontist check up since getting braces.  Thankfully she wasn't in as much pain this time as when she first had them put on.  School work was completed around the appointment schedule.

As part of her Consumer Science course, Lindsey has been working on her culinary skills this week.   She's made beef stew, no-bake cookies, a chocolate pound cake with a ganache, apple pie, zucchini bread and egg noodles, all from scratch.  Her apple pie was the best I've ever had!  I'm on carb overload ya'll!

The volleyball team the girls are on had team photos on Tuesday, at the same time as Olivia's college class.  Despite my pleading, the school administration wasn't willing to bump the photo time slot out 2 hours to allow us time to get there, so there will be no team photo this year.  I did however do a mini photo shoot on my own and got a couple of cute photos.

Teaching Textbooks has proved to be a great change to our math program.  I wish I'd made the change earlier, so Olivia could have used it as well.   Lindsey is in Algebra 2 and really is enjoying it, and carrying an "A" average, so it's definitely working for her.  

Olivia is pretty independent in her studies.  She's been working ahead in several classes and will probably finish up her language arts by the end of this calendar year.  She's in "get it done" mode.  She also worked one day at the farm this week.

This was the end of our first 8 weeks of this year's homeschooling journey.  Lindsey is still working at the museum, although typically only one day a week instead of two.  She only has two more months before her 2 year apprenticeship is completed.  The school year, and calendar year are going a lot faster than I expected, and the holidays seem to be closing in at record speed!

I think that's all of the news for this week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Friday, September 27, 2019

Weekly Wrap - The Animal Farm

This week's break from routine was brought about by multiple animal sitting jobs.   Olivia ended up farm sitting Monday-Thursday (horses, cows, chickens, cats and a donkey), we are house/cat sitting Monday -Sunday, for a friend while she's on vacation (4 cats), and then Thursday Stan, the dog, returned to the house to spend a week while his owner gets married and goes on her honeymoon.   Thankfully Stan doesn't get my allergies worked up, and I send the kids in to deal with the cats so that I don't have a major attack while there.

Lindsey's birthday was the first week of September, and the present she requested was for us to buy her paint so she could redecorate her room.  Monday and Tuesday were pretty much wrapped up in taping, painting, touching up and hanging art work.  Here's some before, during and after photos.

The "fairy lights" in the above photo are navy, dark yellow, light grey and an off white.  The lights are her greatest joy with her new room.  It just looks cozy in there with the little lights glowing softly.

In other news, the girls volleyball team lost their first game last week.  It was especially frustrating because they only have 6 players, and two of those went out of town last week and missed the game.  The coach had to pull up 2 middle school players to fill the roster, and it was a horrible decision.   Thankfully once everyone got back in town, they returned to their winning streak and are doing really well.

Lindsey's Consumer Science class is now focusing on cooking and shopping for ingredients.  This week she made an ambrosia fruit salad and baked macaroni.   She's becoming quite the little cook.  Olivia has been focusing her time on budgeting in her Conumer Math class.
Even though Lindsey is dog sitting, Olivia is still the "dog whisperer" so he hangs out on her lap a great deal.

Here's to a great weekend!

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up - Early Fall

The weekend was just as hectic as last week, but thankfully this week is normal and calm.  Thank God for that!

After sweltering the last two weeks with no AC, I finally had time to call and get it worked on.  It was a pretty quick fix, the capacitor had popped.   We now have AC, and the temperatures immediately plummeted and we're in the low 70's to high 60's during the day and 40's to low 50's at night.  The irony of this situation is not lost on me.
We've been pretty steady with our school work.  Nothing overly interesting one way or the other, to be honest.   Although, I will share I was floored with Lindsey's book report on Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  She wrote that it was a great book, and expounded on his strength and resolve during the worst of conditions, and how as Christians we would should all endeavor to be so committed.   For someone who "doesn't like history" this was a huge win!

We've had volleyball practice two evenings this week and will have the second official game of the season on Friday night.   Here's hoping I have good news to report about that.
Olivia only got one day in at the farm again this week due to illness with the farmer.  Things are looking up there, and it appears she'll be doing some farm sitting next week after all.   Lindsey is raking in cash hand over fist with her babysitting.  She'll have made $100 this week alone, not to mention the fact that she's dog sitting as well.

The weekend will be relatively quiet, and I'm looking forward to having some down time at home!

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up - Being the Hands and Feet

This has been a long, hard week.   Our dear friend Tony, from church, passed away at the end of last week.  He was one of those guys who just loved to love people. He was an awesome children's minister, gifted singer and was always looking for ways to bless others.  His  Celebration of Life and burial were held on Monday.  Lindsey ran the slide show and worked the sound booth, and then the girls and I took care of the family meal after the burial.   That may not sound like "homeschooling" but they learned a lot about how to serve others in a time of need, how to quickly get a buffet set up (the building we were using was locked and we went from having a 45 minute window of time to having a10 minute window of time to get it ready).   These are life skills, this is learning, this is being the hands and feet of Christ.

Unfortunately, as we were starting the family night for Tony, we got word there was another death in our church body (a child).  The week really started to spin out of control at this point, as the girls and I were asked to step into some roles that we weren't expecting.   The girls have been super helpful, and hard workers, but they've also been compassionate to people who are hurting.   While this has been a terribly hard week, it's been one of my most proud weeks, as I've watched them walk into hard places and do it well.

Somehow, through all the craziness of this week, they've both managed to get their schoolwork done.  Sometimes getting up early, sometimes staying up late and more than once working on it while eating their meals...because life just keeps rolling.

Thursday night the girls had their first volleyball game of the season.  They are about 2 weeks behind the other schools in getting started, but that has been because our first couple of games (with the other schools) ended up getting rescheduled to later in the season.   We only have 6 girls on the team, so there's no bench sitting for anyone.  Olivia is the setter, and Lindsey is an outside hitter.   The Lady Blazers took 3 straight sets to sweep the win of their first game!

It's been unseasonably warm here.  It was 96 when we went to volleyball, and the gym they played in wasn't air conditioned.   Our house AC is still out, so that actually helped both of my girls to be able to handle the heat on the court better than most, but you can see their faces are red.

Olivia still managed to get some time in at the farm, Lindsey put in 6 hours working homeschoolers day at the museum.   The weekend lineup is still full steam ahead, with our first graduation committed meeting, the memorial service for the little boy and the accompanying responsibilities.

I hope, as you read this weeks wrap up, you realize that this "homeschooling" thing we're all doing isn't just about teaching academics.

Here's to a slower week coming up!
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