Friday, February 23, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - The Spring-Like Week

Saturday, Lindsey had her first all day training session for the John Lewis Society.  She really enjoyed it and is looking forward to the remaining training sessions.  She won't get her costume until she's finished training (April) and worked 3 actual days at the museum.  It should be around mid May when she's done with all of that.   While she was there, Olivia and I worked the concessions stand at a sporting event to raise funds for our Haiti trip.   I've never cooked so many burgers and fries in my life!!

Sunday after church the girls went snow tubing with their youth group.  Since the temperatures have been so warm, I was wondering if there would be any snow left, but there was.   Fortunately, it was warm enough that they didn't have to bundle up like Eskimos, so that made it more fun as well.   While they were gone, the husband and I went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and used a gift card I'd won.   Free food is good, but we were not at all impressed with what we got...but I didn't have to cook it or do dishes, so it was a win.

Monday our temperatures continued to soar and we were in the high 70's.   This is definitely not what Virginia is supposed to be like in February, but it has been nice to open up the windows and get fresh air in the house.    We had regular lessons on Monday.   Lindsey's school day is getting shorter now that her classes are starting to wrap up.   She's been working on her knitting in her spare time.   She also had her two hour 4H sewing class in the evening.

Tuesday was again in the high 70's.   Olivia finished up her Civics today, and Lindsey completed her study of the Renaissance and Reformation period.  The kids got in some outside time with the dog midday.  Once schoolwork was finished and dinner complete, I headed out to a fundraiser meeting and Tom took the girls to their archery class.     At bedtime, Olivia and I started our typhoid immunization pills...I hate putting that stuff in my body.  There are only 4 pills, taken every other day, but still, bleck.

Wednesday we hit 80 degrees!  Check out that open window behind Olivia.  The breeze was lovely and I'm trying desperately to fight the urge to go work in the flower beds.  I know this is just a teaser week and winter will return soon enough. 
Thursday was nice weather wise.  Our schedule got a bit off track because they scheduled basketball team photos at 2:30 (the season ended two weeks ago, and everyone has turned in their uniforms).  We had to break midday to drive over to the school for that, then I took Olivia shopping for new athletic shoes and ran Lindsey by to get her nails done again.   Then it was home for a late finish for our academics.   Olivia started her unit study of American in WWII, and has been spending lots of time on her new project.

Friday we had co-op.   There's been more stress/drama in this area this year than I care to think about.  Something is going to have to change drastically if we continue next year, which is unfortunate since it's a great group for the most part.

How was your week?  Did the warm temperatures tease you as well?  

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Valentine's Week

Olivia's basketball team did a wonderful job in Friday night's semi-final basketball game.   They played an aggressive, rough team and at one point fell behind on the scoreboard.   The third quarter brought a new determination and the girls fought back to a pretty substantial win margin.   Emotions were through the roof as they advanced to the division finals.

Saturday they faced the #1 ranked team in the conference.   This is the only team that defeated our girls on our home court during the regular season.  The game was really evenly matched early on.  Then the opposing players started to get nasty, and so did their fans.   There was screaming on the court and heckling from the stands during our foul shots.  Our best player got sandwiched between two big girls and flattened, and was then blatantly kicked in the head by another player as she ran by, no foul was called and that set the tone for the rest of the game.   Our team played well, but weren't willing to stoop to the level of the other team.   They lost by 5 points in a heartbreaking defeat.   However, like the coach told them, they played with integrity and sportsmanship and they had nothing to be ashamed of.
Sunday Lindsey was given the opportunity to run the display and sound board for Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz's father) during a political campaigning event held in our area.  Honestly, when she was contacted about doing the display/sound board we agreed, not knowing who the speaker was.   I was really glad we all decided to go along when it was time to drop her off.   I had never heard Mr. Cruz speak but was really impressed by his passion, knowledge and oratory skills.

Monday we had a regular scheduled school day.   We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in several subjects and it was nice to be able to buckle down.  In the evening the girls and I worked the concession stand during a basketball playoff game (fund raising for Haiti).

Tuesday Olivia and I had to go get vaccinations for our Haiti trip.  She only needed the first round of Hepatitis A.   I ended up needing both Hep A and Hep B (apparently they didn't vaccinate for that when I was a kid).   I wonder why I didn't need that one for Ethiopia 5 years ago?   Anyway, we picked up our typhoid oral vaccines (they currently reside in the fridge beside the butter), and prescriptions for malaria medications to take with us.       We came home and knocked out our day of school work, then in the evening we had our first archery session of the season.

Wednesday Olivia finished her American History for the year.  She did really good on her final exam.  This will put more white space in her  daily school work.   Lindsey had a pre-algebra test and continues to do really well in this regard.   We didn't do much for Valentine's Day other than share the chocolate, grins.

Thursday both girls were able to get their schoolwork done really early.   By around 11:30am everything was finished up and I even had time to go grocery shopping.   The temperatures hit 70 degrees outside and we got in a bit of sunshine and fresh air in the afternoon.   In the evening, Olivia traveled with her basketball team to watch a UVA women's basketball match against Notre Dame.   We dropped her off early to catch the bus, then grabbed some dinner before Lindsey and I went to work at the concession stand again.   Another late night as the team didn't get home until nearly 11pm.

Friday (today) is our co-op day.  We found out this week that one of our strongest/most involved families will be moving away over the summer (or sooner), so we're reworking our entire co-op year to work with who we have left.   After co-op the girls and I will travel out to visit my Momma.

Around the web this week, I shared Love Versus Hearts and Candy over at  Homesechooling With Heart.    A good reminder of what love is, and isn't.

 How was your week?
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Friday, February 9, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Goodbye Basketball Season

This was the last week of basketball season.   Olivia's Monday night game was cancelled, so they had a practice from 7:30-9pm.   Tuesday was their last regular season game and they won by a 34 point margin, taking them to a 8-3 season.   Olivia has been getting a lot more play time these last few weeks and has really started to enjoy it a great deal more.  She racked up a couple of baskets in each game she's played, and thankfully never fouled out, which was a big concern early on.

Monday was a regular school day.  My brother stopped by in the afternoon for a little visit.  In the evening Lindsey started her next set of sewing lessons with 4-H.   This series runs from February - August, meeting twice a month for two hours each class.   She's excited since they'll be doing more advanced projects.   This week she started and finished a new apron.   She's very excited about the way this one turned out.   It's a bit long, but she'll grow into it.
Tuesday was pretty typical as far as academics.   Olivia finished up one of her art projects and I was really pleased with how it turned out.  As you can see, she gets into her artwork - and typically looks like a chimney sweep by the time she's done.
Wednesday morning started off with bit of an ice storm.   The girls plowed through their work as we drank hot tea and sat by the fire watching ice build up on the trees.   By1pm or so everything was thawed out and life went on as usual.   Olivia had a brief 1 hour basketball practice from 4-5pm.  We began reading To Kill A Mockingbird out loud in the evening.   I'd forgotten how much I loved this story...and forgot that I'd have to reword a few things, ahem.

Thursday we headed out early to our monthly chiropractor visit.   Olivia's hip and lower back are doing really well, and I think we've finally got her to a place of recovery after all those years of ballet and an injury that the instructor refused to acknowledge and take responsibility for.   We did our regular lessons, including another still life art lesson (below).   Olivia worked the concession stand at a basketball tournament in the evening.
Friday (today) is co-op.  We have a Valentine's party during 1st hour.   Then a pizza party at the end of the day.   It was also supposed to be poetry and tea time in literature, but the teacher decided to fore go that since the Valentine's party was planned by a teacher without considering what was already on the calendar for the day.   You can only do so many food events in a 3 hour time frame.   Once we get home and rest we'll be heading out to the JV girls basketball championship tournament.   If Olivia's team wins tonight, they advance to the finals on Saturday.

How was your week?

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Hello February

This past Friday night, Olivia finally got the opportunity to be a starting player for her basketball team.  It was a really good game, she made several points and had a few really good assists.   She shot a 3-pointer that rolled the rim twice and then rolled off while we all held our breath.    She ended up playing most of the game and she was so excited.   Her team won 30-8.
Saturday the husband and I had a meeting at church all day.   Both girls worked in the rec-league sports concession stand from 8:30-3:30 earning money for their summer camp/missions trip.   It was a long, but good day.  We came home and watched The Giver to see how it compared to the book.   I hate it when movies veer far off course from the book and that's how this one was.   Had we not read the book first we'd have enjoyed it, but we were all too busy saying "that's not how it goes".

Sunday after church we all just chilled.   Tom and Lindsey went to the YMCA to swim, Olivia stayed home to rest and I spent the afternoon reading.   It was lovely.

Monday started out with a long drive to take a family member for medical testing procedures.  We left home at 7am, I was finally home around 2:30pm.   Thankfully the girls are able to stay home and knock out their academics without me, so that's what they did.   We had a quick dinner thane out the door again to take Olivia to a basketball practice that ran from 5:30-7:30pm.

Tuesday morning we awoke to a slight dusting of snow.  it was pretty and not enough to mess up the public school schedules (or at least I think they still went).   Olivia had a short school day, I had to have her to the private school by 2pm to catch the bus for her basketball game.   It was a two hour drive by bus, and with stopping for dinner they didn't get back home until 9:30pm.   They won 54-24.

Wednesday was a typical school day with church in the evening.  Nothing overly exciting here.

Thursday I had my monthly lunch date with my gal pal.  We tried a Vietnamese Pho (pronounced "fuh") restaurant.   We had a child size bowl of pho, split an order of spring rolls and split a pickled vegetable/brisket sandwich.  It was ok, definitely not a "oh I can't wait to go there again" place, but it was good to try something new.   The girls worked did their lessons while I was gone and I checked/graded everything when I got home.   We had a quick dinner when the husband got home then we were off to basketball.   This was a much tighter game, against a team that has a reputation for being a little rough and nasty (yes, Christian schools get those reputations, and rightly so in this case).   You know it's bad when the referee's start to cock his head to the side and say "Really?" on the blatant fouls.   Anywho, once our girls adjusted and started to push back the tide changed and they were able to surge ahead to a 37-23 win.   This takes the team to a 6-3 season so far.

Friday (today) is co-op.  We were supposed to have a pizza party after classes, but the weather forecast here was for freezing rain and ice overnight.  We had to made a decision on Thursday as to whether to postpone or not, and we erred on the side of caution and pushed it out another week.  Of course I awoke this morning to blue skies and not a speck of ice in we'll have some not happy students this afternoon.

Around the web this week I shared about Choosing The Best over at Homeschooling with Heart.   I just need to make myself heed my own advice and say no more often.

I hope you've all had a great week.  It's hard to believe we're in February already!

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - The Plain Week

I can't believe it's already Friday and time for another wrap up already!   It's been a pretty low key week, but those are always welcome.

Monday schoolwork went really smoothly and both girls were done by early afternoon.   Olivia had an algebra II test and scored really well on it.  I think I heard the hallelujah chorus start as I was grading it, grins.   Lindsey had her last 4-H sewing class of this session in the evening.  The next session starts in February and runs through August. 

Tuesday Lindsey had a pre-algebra test.  This one was a little stressful for her because she's working on finding perimeter and area of various shapes and she thought she'd have to have all the formula's memorized.   You can't begin to imagine the look of relief when I handed her the formula strip that goes with this test.   Olivia had an early basketball practice from 3:30-5pm.  We were actually home relatively early and the girls decided to use one of their stocking stuffers from Christmas and have a "spa night" after dinner.
Wednesday we hit the books hard and Lindsey was done by lunch time.   Olivia wasn't as lucky and had a little more government to do than she'd anticipated and so her day went later into the afternoon.  Part of the reason for the delay is that we had to take Lindsey to her interview to join the John Lewis Society.   She took her lap quilt as her topic piece and the interviewers both encouraged her to enter it into the county fair this year.   She was approved on the spot, and we were told she had the best interview of any of this years applicants.   She was SO very excited.  Her training starts in February and she should have her costume by late April or early May.   When we got home from the interview, Olivia finished up her last class of the day, art.   This is what an artist looks like after working with charcoals for a bit, and yes she has it on her face as well, sigh.

Thursday Olivia's big thing was an American history test on WWI.  She aced this one, no surprise there.   If I could only find a way to tie algebra into the wars we'd be golden.   Olivia's basketball team had a game at 6pm.   They won this game giving them a 3-3 record for the year.  Olivia didn't get to play at all, and to be honest I was annoyed since she's been a bench warmer almost the entire season.   After the game, the coach told her she'll be a starter in Friday's game because "you haven't complained one time about not getting to play".  

Friday (today) we have co-op in the morning.   It'll be a short day because our language arts teacher and her family are out of town, so we'll just not have that one class and be done by 11am!   I'm unbelievably excited about this.  We'll have Olivia's ball game in the evening, and hopefully I'll have something good to report from that!

Have a great weekend!
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