Friday, January 8, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up - 2020's Revenge

Monday morning, Lindsey and I were out the door early to go to her 9am dentist appointment in our old town.  We'd planned a Krispy Kreme donut run afterwards, but the dentist took forever getting to her after they hygienist got finished.  We were there over an hour and had to fly back to get her to her babysitting job on time.   The good news, no cavities!   I dropped her off at her babysitting gig, ran a few errands and then went to pick Olivia up to bring her home from her house sitting job.  The afternoon consisted of laundry and trying in vain to get the new Teaching Textbooks upgrade to work.   Lindsey came home around 5:30pm from babysitting.  She'd taken her school work with her, to work on during naptime and was pretty much finished with lessons, other than her online ASL class.

Tuesday morning we all had appointments with the chiropractor.  Lindsey's shoulder was once again out of socket, so he put it back in and gave her some exercises to start doing to strengthen that area. I dropped the girls off at home, and headed out to pick up my older brother for a bit.  We ran a big errand, then went for a nice sit down lunch and had some much needed fellowship.  Olivia worked on German and Lindsey finished her school work before she went back to babysit from noon - 5:30pm. In the evening the girls had jiu-jitsu.

Wednesday morning was pretty normal.  I dropped Olivia off at farm #3 at noon, and then came home to watch to electoral vote proceedings and, of course, was left with countless questions as the day went on. Friends who were in DC, shared much different accounts of the day than what was being shown on tv.  In the evening we headed off to church.

Thursday was pretty typical as well.  Lindsey did have some babysitting mid-day.  I went grocery shopping and checked on Christmas clearance items to add to my stash for next year.  I spent a lot of time puttering around the house working on small tasks that kept getting pushed off until later.  Tom's parents stopped by for a brief visit in the afternoon and then the girls were off to jiu-jitsu.

Friday, Olivia picked up an extra day of work at both farms.  We were at farm #1 at 5:30am and again at 12:30, then I will drop her off at farm #2 from 3-6pm.  Lindsey had regular school, no babysitting.  I worked on laundry and continued my battle with Teaching Textbooks' upgrade.   We lost a whole week of geometry, and I'm not at all amused.  Lindsey didn't mind it the first couple of days, but now she's looking at it differently as she realizes it'll be extending her school year.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Friday, January 1, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up - Out With Old (Year) In With the New (Year)

Last Wednesday evening, we did our traditional trip to Chick-fil-a for peppermint/chocolate chip milkshakes and then drove around town to look at Christmas decorations.  We went through some neighborhoods and then ended our trip with a ride through the city park.  They do a whole "Festival of Lights" thing from Thanksgiving weekend through New Year's weekend.  Companies, families and individuals put up various light displays ranging from traditional manger scenes, to a field of deer and aliens, Minions and everything in between.   As we were driving by the main entrance we saw what initially looked like sparkle lights in this one HUGE tree, then it looked like the lights kind of dripped onto the ground....then the tree burst into flames (electrical fire in the decorations).  The park was super crowded and people instantly started dialing 911 and the fire trucks arrived within minutes.  #2020strikesagain.   Mercy.

Christmas Eve we traveled to my in-laws (40 minutes away). We had really heavy rain that caused flooding and heavy fog, and an unnerving ride home around 10pm.    Despite the treacherous travel, we had a great day with the family.  The menu this year was homemade pizzas.  After opening gifts, there were various card games, conversation and lots of laughter.  It was a good day, even if one of the elves was feeling a bit peckish.

Christmas Day we were all up by about 8am to open gifts.  We had our traditional breakfast of eggnog french toast, with warm cherry pie filling on top, and bacon on the side.  SO good.  This is what happens when a history lover gets books for Christmas.

Santa and his pup, and another family member swung by for dinner.  We played cards and had dessert after opening gifts.

The weekend was frigid!   When Olivia went to work Saturday morning it was 14 degrees, and only in the 20's when she went back for the afternoon and evening shifts.  Sunday was a bit better with temperatures reaching the 30's by the end of the day.

Monday morning we were back at the farm at 5:30am, and there was a heat wave, as early morning temperatures hit almost 30!  Lindsey was off to a babysitting gig at 7:15am.  Luckily, Tom was home to give her a ride since we were running a bit behind getting home.  We dropped the van off to get the state inspection and oil change, then I went grocery shopping.  The stores were very empty of people.  I guess everyone is back to work, or all shopped out.  I worked on laundry and house work most of the afternoon.  For supper, I decided to do something very low key.  I picked up a loaf of sourdough bread at Aldi's and made Monte Cristo sandwiches for the evening meal.

Tuesday morning wasn't quite as cold.  There was a full moon and it was stunning.  It looked much larger and closer than usual and was a vibrant orange.   After the farm, I took Lindsey to an orthodontist appointment and then came home to clean house.  In the afternoon,Olivia went to touch base with the folks she'll be dog & house sitting for over the next several days.   In the evening the girls had jiu-jitsu.

Wednesday was our last early morning at the farm (until the weekend).  The moon was vibrant again, and it's really lovely to sit in the still morning quiet and watch the moon/stars and listen to the animals. We had our Christmas celebration with my BFF and her husband for a late lunch here at the house.  The evening was low key, and I knocked out lesson plans for the first 4 weeks of January.  I wasn't able to do our geometry planning, since we're in limbo with Teaching Textbooks as they rush to get all their classes redone since Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported after 12/31/2020.

Thursday morning we took all of the Christmas decorations down and got the house back to normal.  Early afternoon I took Olivia to her a house/dog sitting job she has for the next 5 days.  This will be her first time house sitting over night.  Tom, Lindsey and I had a low key dinner, then played cards and noshed on snacks to ring in the New Year.  We found a really great pineapple/peach salsa for our snacking.  Just a bit of heat, and then the sweet of the peach, twang of the pineapple and the clash with the tomatoes...VERY GOOD!!  We had sparkling apple cider at midnight and were in bed by 12:02.

Friday will be pretty low key as well. We're thinking of getting Chinese food for dinner, but that could change.   Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up - Christmas Week

Hello all!  I'm wrapping up this week early, since we'll be enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family. 

On Friday we had friends stop by to bring some baked goods and support with the passing of my father.  Saturday my BFF sent me a lovely flower arrangement to brighten my day.  Both were a nice surprise.  It's nice to have that tribe that just steps in and makes things better.

Monday we began our traditional elfing project. It's always nice to see some of the gruffest people get excited when they see the elves approaching.  Our mechanic shop has two guys, one is very southern and calls everyone ma'am and sir, super nice; the other is gruff and rude and grunts instead of speaking.  I told the gruff one years ago "I'm going to make me like you, whether you want to or not."  I found out, through the nice one, that the gruff one loves gummy bears.  I sent in a plate of homemade goodies, and a separate gift back of Christmas gummy bears and I got a loud "WHOOP" and a happy dance.   Mission accomplished.

Lindsey had a regular school day, so she worked that in around our local elfing project.  She also found out that one of the interpreters she worked with at the museum moved in on the street directly behind us.  She went up there for about an hour to meet the children, and now has them as her newest, steady babysitting gig.  She starts next week.

Tuesday we had some long distance elfing to do.  Lindsey chose to stay home and work on her school work, so Olivia and I made the trek out to my brothers and a few other folks in that end of the world.  The girls had jiu-jitsu in the evening, and took a plate of baked goods to share with everyone.  One guy "misunderstood" when the girls said "There's cookies on the counter if you would like some" and took the whole plate.  They were both too shocked and polite to point out his error.  We all had a huge laugh over it when they got home, and determined that next year they'd take individual size packs of goodies.

Wednesday Lindsey finished her school work for this calendar year.  She's officially half way through her science, over half way through geometry and a little more than half way finished with civics too.  The girls cleaned the house and we did laundry and did some prep work for Christmas dinner (we're hosting here this year).  We'll be having breakfast for dinner tonight, then heading out to Chick-fil-a for their chocolate peppermint shakes to enjoy while we ride around to look at Christmas decorations.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your families, in whatever way you celebrate this year!

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Friday, December 18, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up - Christmas Prep Week

We did get to go see Lindsey at the lantern tours last weekend, and as promised I got a photo of her for you.  Kids on the tours keep calling her "the pilgrim lady", which she doesn't much care for, but it is accurate to her appearance.  The bulky wool layers make her look so much different in shape, I had to look closely at first to make sure it was her.

This has been our week to make our Christmas treats to share with family and friends.  We've made fudge, peanut butter balls, sugar cookies, peanut butter blossom cookies, ginger snaps, cherry chip cookies with chocolate frosting, chocolate cake mix cookies, white chocolate macadamia cookies and sea salt caramel cookies.  We also decided to make Christmas popcorn for the first time (popcorn drizzled in almond bark and sprinkled with crushed candy canes and red/green M&M minis).   Here are photos of various parts of our food making week.

Lindsey has kept up with her academics during the week.  Olivia was off work Monday - Friday, but worked last weekend at both farms and will do so this weekend as well.

Wednesday we had a snow and ice storm move in.  We ended up with a little over a quarter of an inch of ice, and little snow.  I was glad we avoided the 24 inches that had been in our forecast.

Thursday took an unexpected turn when my father passed away.  The rest of the week has been a blur of questions and answers and decisions for arrangements.  Due to current restrictions in our state, the service will be held at a later date.

I hope you all have a great weekend as we head into the last few preparation days before Christmas.  I hope it's a stress free weekend for you all.

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