Friday, August 12, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up - Summer Check in #6

It's hard to believe the summer is basically gone.  Our local public schools started back this week.  The local pools are now only open on the weekends.  I guess they assume only school kids go swimming, or maybe it's because most of the life guards are students?   Tom and the girls were able to get in a couple of swim days.

Lindsey's volleyball team is shaping up.  She's team captain, and right now they have 19 games scheduled; two of which are before the school opens for the year.  They are currently practicing two hours a day, 5 days a week.

In other news, Lindsey has pretty much finished her 1850's costume for the museum.  I'll be doing a full post on it when she's completed, but for now, here's a sneak peek!  Once volleyball season is over, she'll be returning to the museum for her senior year.

We start our last year of homeschooling on August 15, so I'll be back to weekly posts then.  Have a great weekend!

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Friday, July 29, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up - Summer Break Check in #5

It's been really hot and humid here.  Early morning and late evenings are lovely, but the middle of the day has been brutal.  Of course, maybe it's just my age and I don't handle the heat like I once did? 

Lindsey has been to a couple of pool parties, and Tom and Olivia managed to get in a trip to the pool as well.  I've not had the urge to go, or to fight with a wet bathing suit and multiple trips to the bathroom while there.  Just being honest folks.

Big news!  Lindsey is now a licensed driver.  We were able to walk right into our DMV and get everything done quickly.  I've never had such a quick and pleasant trip to the DMV!
Olivia did some farm sitting this past week. She was gone Sunday through Wednesday, in addition to her regular weekday job.  She's doing well for herself and has a pretty steady client list.  Last week, she was invited to one of her client's farms to attend a "Spirit of Virginia" presentation by Governor Youngkin and First Lady Youngkin.  

Lindsey also have volleyball camp this week with her team.  They've been practicing 11am-2pm every day.  They also did a service project together for a couple of hours.

All in all it's been a good couple of weeks.  

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up - Summer Break Check In #4

Our little town had its Happy Birthday America celebration over the July 4th weekend, complete with concerts, 5k race, parade and a huge fireworks display.   Olivia was in the parade with her jiu-jitsu gym.  Lindsey was out of town for the weekend, and came home late afternoon on the 4th.  She was sporting a new look (highlights and a cut). We had burgers and fish on the grill for dinner and watched all the fireworks in the area from our back patio.

July 6 we had a horrible storm move through our area.  There was a great deal of wind damage, with microbursts and 70-80mph winds.  The west end of our city (where we live) got hit the hardest.  Neighbors all around us lost trees, had trees on cars and buildings and power was out here for about 4 hours.  Thankfully we didn't have any damage here at the house, other than rain blew in around the back door.  Parts of town didn't get the electric back until late the following day.  With an estimate of $750,000 in tree damage, they expect it could take several months to get everything cleaned up.

This past weekend, Olivia competed in her first horse show.  She rides western/ranch style, and competed in 5 classes, and brought home a ribbon in each class.  Thankfully the weather was unseasonably cool (low 70's during the day) so it was a comfortable day to be outside.

Lindsey and I have been working on getting unwanted items out of the house.  We loaded up her CRV (trunk, backseat & floorboard) with unwanted items and got those off to the donation site.  This is the 2nd time this summer we've done this, and I feel like we're finally making progress.   

We had Lindsey's last official sports physical this week.  She's ready to play her last season of high school volleyball.  

This week, I spent a couple hours working on a getting our upcoming school year fleshed out.  Our local schools start back August 9, which to me is absurd.  Lindsey only has 4 subjects this year, and most of those look to be 36 weeks in duration.  We'll start back on August 24 so that she can be done late April/early May.  Another reason for starting in August, is that she'll be volunteering at least 1 day a week at the museum, (once volleyball season ends) and we want to get a little ahead with the lessons before that starts.  I laid out the first 2 full weeks in my lesson planner, and then I'll see what needs to be tweaked at that point.

That's about all that's going on here.  It's hard to believe this is the last "summer break" of our homeschooling journey.

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Friday, July 1, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up - Summer Break Check in #3

Lindsey finally finished up her nanny jobs this past week.  She may have danced a little jig at the end of the week.  She still has the baby sporadically, and loves ever minute of that, so he'll be her only child for a bit.

Olivia has picked up some extra days at her regular job, and a few fill in weekend days as well.  She's still in high demand, which speaks well of her work ethic and reputation.   She's had to turn down a few new pet sitting opportunities.

Exciting news!  Lindsey will get to play volleyball for her senior year!  The private school where she and Olivia played in 2019 has revamped their sports program and contacted us this week about Lindsey coming back on board to play this year.  She's very excited about the opportunity.  She's already bought new volleyball shoes and knee pads.  She had 4 hour a day practices, everyday this week.

I swapped out my spring decor for my summer items this week. It's not really a huge change, just my garden flags, pillow covers and dining room table cloth.  I feel accomplished though, it's the little things anymore.

Our garden is doing well.  We've harvested lettuces and greens since April. I've cut them all down low, and hopefully they'll come back for a bit longer.  If not, I'll replant in late summer for a fall harvest.  Beets are about ready to harvest, and there are a few squash that will likely be ready within the week.  Tomatoes seem to be slow growing this year, but we do have several out there.  The purple basil just pops up wherever it sees fit to grow.  It's not as tall as it was this time last year, or as abundant, but it will be here for the long haul.

My daylilies are in bloom all around the yard.  Most of my spring flowers are done, so these are all the color I have until the asters, coneflowers and hollyhocks start to bloom.

I hope you all have a lovely Indedpence Day weekend!

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up - Summer Check In #2

I've been working on small projects from my things to do list.  This past week I painted the light fixtures on our front porch.  They were just dull and drab looking, so I wanted to freshen the front porch a bit.  I'd wanted to go with a copper color, and had a terrible time finding anything that wasn't in spray paint form. I finally found paint at Michael's for $1.38 and was able to complete this simple project.   Here's the before and after photos:

Olivia was out of town for a few days visiting with my BFF, Donna.  There was shopping, a facial, a history museum and lots of good food and laughter had by all.  Olivia also got to go to the shooting range and impress her Uncle Mike with her marksmanship skills.    Before you send me any ugly messages, she's trained in how to use weapons safely and the weapon in the photo was not loaded.

Lindsey was off work last week.  She worked three days this week, then three days next week and she'll be finished for the summer, with the exception of occasionally watching the 8 month old baby on occasion.

Both girls continue to excel in jiu-jitsu.  Below is a photo of Olivia that the gym owner is using to advertise for women to sign up.  

Lindsey and I took a car load of used books/curriculum to a local book donation spot this week.  We're in full on purge mode, and getting rid of items helps get her some driving time in (and saves me on gas).

Have a great week!
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