Friday, February 14, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up - Thanksgiving & Valentines Week

I enjoy cooking holiday meals for my family, but typically our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners have been hosted at someone else's home.  I started our own tradition some years back of picking a random weekend in January or February and using it as our own personal little holiday dinner.  This past Saturday was the date I picked for this year's feast.   

I fixed a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing balls, corn pudding, hot rolls and cranberry sauce.   For dessert we had banana cake with chocolate frosting.  Yes, it was way too many carbs and there were no green vegetables, and it was amazingly good!!   We ate dinner around 4pm, then went to see Frozen II with friends at the $3 movie at 7pm.  We had dessert when we got home from the movie.

Sunday morning started off normal...and then it all went downhill.  We got to church and ran into the boys/dad from the movies the night before.  The Dad wasn't feeling well (he assumed it was something he ate at the theater the night before) and said he'd was going home but would be back to pick everyone up after church.  At the end of church, the dad wasn't there and we hung around for a good while waiting.  Then I made the executive decision to take everyone with me, and drop the boys off at their house.  This ended up being a good decision since the dad was too sick to even get to his phone, much less come back for the kids.   We came home, had left overs and dropped the girls off for their weekly babysitting gig and the evening went as usual.  Sometime around 11pm, Olivia woke up very, very sick and continued to be that way until around 9am the next morning.  She and I got zero sleep overnight.

Monday morning, around 10am I made a ginger ale/Gatorade/crackers run to the store.   I came home and disinfected the house and got laundry done. Lindsey knocked out her school work and Olivia slept.    I did a wellness check on the patient at 1pm and she drank a little broth and went back to sleep.  After dinner I had a graduation committee meeting.  Olivia was still sleeping when I left, but was sitting up in the living room nursing Gatorade when I got back.  I fixed her a bit more broth and a few crackers to go with it.   Thankfully, it was a quiet night and we all got to sleep.

Tuesday was rainy and gray.  Lindsey had all of her schoolwork done before noon.  Olivia slept until around 11:15am, then had some broth and stripped the linens from her bed to wash.  She then migrated to the sofa until she mustered the energy to get a shower.    I ordered graduation invitations, diploma and a "Senior 2020" t-shirt.   It's getting real ya'll!   Lindsey went to jiu-jitsu in the evening, but Olivia stayed home.

Wednesday Lindsey left early for her weekly babysitting gig.  I worked on product reviews and housework while Olivia slept.  I finally woke her up around noon so she could return to the land of the living.   She did managed to get a little school work done throughout the afternoon.  Lindsey finished up her school work when she got home from babysitting.  Olivia had a Youth Intern meeting at 5:15, and went to that, nibbled at the meal that was provided and then came home to return to the sofa.

Thursday I went grocery shopping early and ran by the garage to get the oil changed.  I had great plans of having a productive day, until I got at text at 11:00 am from my husband telling me they were sending all the workers home for the day.   Then I ended up getting a call about picking  up a neighbors child to get them where they needed to be.   Lindsey went to Jiu-jitsu in the evening, but Olivia missed class again.

Friday morning I was up early and out the door to do some Valentine's things.  I met my best friend 1/2 way between our houses (we're 2 hours apart) for morning coffee/breakfast.  On the way back I made a wide loop and stopped to visit my brother and take him some Valentine's goodies.  Then it was back home to celebrate Valentine's Day with the troops.  The husband brought home take-out Chinese for dinner and we made brownie sundaes for dessert.  


This weeks' blast from the past post isn't a hands on project post like usual.  Since today is Valentine's Day, I'm sharing an article I wrote back in 2016 entitled Every Day Love.   It's just a little reminder that it's the little things, every day that mean more than that one date on the calendar.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day, and a great weekend!
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Friday, February 7, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up - Hello February

Saturday we met some old friends of mine for lunch.   The gal and I started working together in 1994, and her youngest daughter was the first new born baby I'd ever held in my life.  That daughter now has a 1-year old and we all got together to catch up (we do this twice a year).  

On Sunday we made homemade pizza's for a late lunch/early dinner and then took the girls to see Little Women while the rest of the country watched the Super Bowl.  This was (in our opinion) the best production we've ever seen of this timeless classic.

Monday started out ok.  I got the house cleaned early and worked on graduation announcements. I found out mid-day that my brother's little dog, Porkie, had crossed the rainbow bridge, so I went to hang out with him for a while.  School work was completed early.

Tuesday morning we had chiropractor appointments.  Both of Lindsey's shoulders had popped out of socket again, so we had to get those put back in.  The chiro gave her some exercises to do to help strengthen the muscles/ligaments.  He said that she's growing so quickly right now that this could be an issue for a bit until everything slows down, sigh. She also had an orthodontist appointment at noon.  Things are looking good with the braces and in about 8 weeks they'll be doing xrays to see where we are in the process.  School work was completed around all the appointments and jiu-jitsu wrapped up our evening.

Wednesday was Lindsey's weekly babysitting gig from 9am-1pm.  She took some of her work with her to work on during nap time, and finished the rest when she got home.  Olivia got most of her work done before lunch time.  She's still working on her online driver's education course as well.

Thursday we had heavy rains move into the area.  Thankfully we did not get the serious flooding that hit West Virginia and Tennessee, but we still had over 3 inches of rain fall.   The kids worked on their school work and I worked on laundry and housework.   In the evening, the kids headed to jiu-jitsu and I headed out to a painting class with my pal Yvette.  We did gnomes on canvas.  I think mine has a little "Duck Dynasty" thing going on.  I can now check this off my bucket list for the year.

Friday, Olivia was scheduled to work at the farm, but torrential rains and high winds nipped that in the bud.  I let both kids sleep in a bit while I ran out to get groceries and pay a few bills.  They still had all their work finished before I got home.  Olivia and Tom headed out to volleyball in the evening and Lindsey and I had movie night.

Blast From the Past

If you've been reading my blog long, you know that Olivia is passionate about animals.  In going through my old blog posts I found a really cool unit study (Girls and Horses) that I thought I'd share this week.  That's Olivia in the photo below, at about 8 years old.
Have a great weekend!

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Friday, January 31, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up - Goodbye January!

Every now and then, some non-homeschooler says the dumbest thing to us.  I can typically count on  one of my kids having a witty retort.   This past week we had one of those moments at jiu-jitsu.  Someone made a Forest Gump reference that neither of the girls got, because they've not seen the movie.  The fact that they'd not seen the movie started a slew of guffaws and comments, and one guy, for whatever reason, said "I bet you've never seen Gone With the Wind either" (how those 2 movies connected in HIS mind is beyond me), but without missing a beat Lindsey said "No, but I have read the book and it's wonderful!"   Blink, blink..."The book?  um...oh...ok...I guess that counts."  Yes folks, it was a book before it was a movie.  But please, go on with your superior knowledge base about the various shrimp references in Forest Gump, ahem.

Moving along, the weekend was a hodge podge of activities.   I had a church leaders meeting from 9am-3pm on Saturday morning (shoot me now).  The girls had to miss their morning jiu-jitsu since I wasn't available to take them.  Lindsey ended up babysitting most of the morning here at the house anyway, so I guess it worked out ok.  In the evening, Lindsey had her end of the year John Lewis Society party at the museum.  This was bittersweet for her and the friends she's made, as they have all finished their final year together.   While she was at the party, the rest of the family went out to Taco Bell and then to the pet store to check out the puppies.

Sunday was church, and honestly my overkill from Saturday's meeting was still hanging on and I went with a not good attitude.   I'd be willing to bet I'm not the only person to ever go to church with a bad attitude; although I may be the only one willing to admit it.  I'd put a pork roast in the crock pot before we left (at 8am) and the house was smelling delish when we got home at 1pm.   We had a nice family dinner and then watched Thor:Ragnarock before dropping the kids off at their Sunday night babysitting job.   We went out for coffee and donuts while the girls were working.  Those Christmas gift cards just keep on giving!

We took a midday break from academics on Monday to go to the indoor jump park with friends.  This is always a fun activity.   I love watching the good natured competitiveness on the jousting beam.   Lindsey usually just hopes to survive since she's outweighed by everyone.  Collin (in the jeans) is pretty low key and doesn't really care if he wins or loses.  Olivia and Landen (in the grey shirt/black shorts) are typically the two who end up battling to see who will be the victor for the day.

We came home and finished lessons and laundry.  Then things took an unexpected turn when Olivia got a call that she was needed to go take care of the evening feedings and work at the farm, while there was a trip to the ER by the farmers.  We ended up making a second trip over around 9pm to let the dogs out and make sure the chicken door was closed.

Tuesday was pretty standard.  Both girls had a big Spanish unit test that they took a bit too lightly with their studying.  There will be a great deal of effort required to recover their grade from that poor judgment call on both their parts.   Olivia spent a great deal of time outside shooting her recurve bow, and Lindsey worked ahead in some of her subjects in preparation for the next few days.  The evening wrapped up with jiu-jitsu.  Testing for blue and purple belts is coming up soon, so both girls are staying late to help those who are testing to practice.

Wednesday morning Lindsey was out the door early to go to her weekly babysitting gig.  She took some of her work with her to be done during nap time, and the rest she finished when she got home. Olivia started her online driver's education course (requirement for homeschooled kids in VA).  She was  really surprised at the excessive amount of  time they assign for reading each section.  The state requires 36 hours, so each section is there will be 36 hours of time but not nearly that much content.

Thursday morning when we got up there was a light snow falling.  The girls and I were scheduled to be BETA testers for a new scavenger hunt program that our local Escape Room is working on.  We started at noon and had the best time zipping all over town following clues and getting the final item to end our search.  The falling snow made the downtown area picturesque, and we really enjoyed the time together.  There were 4 teams racing and we came in 2nd place by just a few minutes, but well ahead of teams 3 and 4.  School work was completed in the afternoon, along with some on line driver's education.   2.5 hour of jiu-jitsu rounded out our day.

Friday was pretty standard.  The kids got their schoolwork done while I was grocery shopping.  We worked on laundry and house cleaning in the afternoon.  Olivia went to volleyball in the evening.


Homeschooling high school isn't quite as crafty and fun as when the kids were younger.  It may be a bit dull reading about our schedules these days.  So, to alleviate some of that boredom I thought I'd start sharing a blast from the past post each week.  I don't want to assume that you've all been reading along since day 1, or that you remember all of our hands on learning.

We were big on unit studies when the kids were little.  This weeks blast from the past is our Knights and Castles Unit Study from way back in 2012.  We had so much fun making shields, swords and armor.   Be sure to pop over and check it out.
Have a great weekend, enjoy the Super Bowl if you're a sports fan.  If you're not a sports fan at least enjoy the great snack foods that go along with the game!

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Monday Momentum - Week 4

Here we are, week 4 and according to the scale I'm almost right back where I started from.  That blasted scale can really mess with your head.   I've been pondering over this quandary, and realized I'm doing myself a disservice by weighing on Monday morning.
Monday - Friday our schedule is pretty consistent.  It's easier for me to do well with fasting and eating.   The weekend is a little more tricky, depending on what we've got going on.  For example, this past Saturday night, Lindsey had her end of the year party with the folks at the museum.  We asked Olivia what she'd like to do while Lindsey was gone and she picked Taco Bell for dinner.  I had a crunch wrap and a soda (ON SATURDAY) and here I am on Monday and my fingers and ankles are still poofy from the sodium.

I'm going to shift my weigh in day to Friday, which will be a better representation of what I'm doing.  I won't post my results until Monday, so I'll still keep the Monday Momentum weekly thing going.  I think (I hope) that will keep Monday's from being a discouragement day for me.

How did you do?
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Friday, January 24, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up - Growth and Changes

Most of our weekend plans were cancelled due to another no-show weather event.  So, Saturday after jiu-jitsu we headed to the $3 movies to watch A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.  I was surprised that Lindsey wanted to see this movie so much, since she's never actually seen Mr. Rogers.  But, we went anyway.  We were all surprised with the layout of the movie, but it was really well done.  Tom Hanks was wonderful, as always.

My sister-in-law from Texas sent me this lovely tea-towel for Christmas, since I use this term often.  I've decided to use it as a decoration to keep it from getting ruined.  If you're from the south, you'll know why this makes me laugh.
Sunday was pretty standard with church in the morning, with one child working in children's ministry.  The evening was supposed to be the start up of the Sunday night childcare job at the church they work for.  However, due to a lot of sickness in that church body, they actually cancelled Sunday night, which freed us up.  We made an impromptu trip to see Tom's parents and were back home by 7pm.

Monday was a regular school and laundry day for us.  Lindsey was also babysitting since the public schools were out.  She got up early to work on some subjects before her charge arrived, and the rest of her work was finished either during nap time or in the early evening.  We closely watched the coverage of the Second Amendment Rally in Richmond.  We had several friends who attended and kept us up to speed on things.   I was certainly pleased to see how well it went.
Tuesday was surreal in that Olivia's cap/gown/tassel arrived in the morning mail.  It doesn't seem possible that we're at this point in life, yet here we are.  School ended relatively early and Olivia spent time filling out job applications.   We're also working on designing graduation invitations and her diploma.   I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to make meat loaf and homemade yeast rolls for dinner; so very yummy.  Jiu-jitsu rounded out our evening.

Wednesday morning I dropped Lindsey off for a babysitting gig.  She finished two of her subjects before leaving and took the rest with her.  Olivia knocked out her lessons and then headed to the farm to help with a hay delivery.  I signed Olivia up for an on-line drivers safety class (requirement in our state).  Then I ended up having to run to the library to copy documentation and print out an application to be mailed in. I wish websites would tell you these things before you pay so you can go ahead and have it sent in ahead of time.   Church rounded out our evening.

Thursday was pretty low key.  The kids worked on school work while I purged more items from the kitchen and did laundry.  The evening consisted of two hours of jiu-jitsu.  

Friday we were up early to head to the farm.  We're expecting heavy rain and freezing temperatures to move in later today/overnight, so Olivia needs to help get the animals moved and stalls set up for the horses.  After the farm, I dropped Olivia back off at the house to work on her school work while I went grocery shopping.   In the evening, Olivia will be heading out to play volleyball at our church, and Lindsey and I will have a movie night.

In case you missed it, earlier this week I shared about the community college experience we've had at When Your Kid Hates College.  I also shared Monday Momentum - Week 3.  Be sure to check both of those out.

Have a great weekend!

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