Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life Lesson

As a mom, sometimes I wonder (read: worry) if I've spent enough time with character training along with all our academics. Recently, God gave me the opportunity to overhear some things in my childrens lives (and no I wasn't eavesdropping, honest); and to have some very heart warming situations. So for those of you who wonder "is anyone LISTENING to me?".....there is light at the end of the tunnel.

While I was fixing dinner, I noticed Lindsey (3) carrying several small chairs from the sunporch to the living room. Then she came through carrying babies and stuffed animals. I peeked in, and there she was with her little chairs all lined up, babies sitting politely, some with their hands raised in the air. Even Olivia was sitting, listening. I asked her what she was doing...she turned to face me, Bible in hand and said "we're having church mom"....and returned to her preaching.

Last week, the girls were playing in the family room downstairs...apparently building a fort of some sort. I sat at the top of the stairs and listened to them discussing what to use etc. Apparently their engineering skills are a bit lacking yet, and their fort collapsed on them. No harm done, they just had to dig their way out of the dark and the rubble. I heard Lindsey's little voice "Sissy I'm scaired". I started to go down and help, but before I could get to my feet, I heard Olivia's reply "Don't worry, God is always with us, we're ok."

And finally.....Olivia is involved in the Book It! program, and this week she'd earned her certificate for her free pizza. My husband took her Christmas shopping and then to get her pizza. I took Lindsey with me and then took her to another pizza place for our lunch. I got our plates and drinks and we prayed. I noticed after a bit that Lindsey wasn't eating, so I encouraged her to eat. She sat there for a bit and then said "Mom....sissy doesn't have pizza." I explained that yes, Daddy was taking her out for pizza as well just at different places because of the location of the different errands we were doing. She wasn't convinced; nibbled the very tip of her pizza and quit. I got a brownie for her (Olivia's FAVORITE by the way). Lindsey sat and looked at it woefully. "Mom....did sissy get a brownie?" No...they don't have brownies at the pizza place sissy went to. She pushed her plate asided and wouldn't eat....because she knew her sister didn't have one.

So, as we come up on Thanksgiving, I'm so thankful for God allowing me to have these glimpses into the hearts of my children. I see that the seeds we're planting are indeed growing deep roots; and the little flowers are blooming in their own way!
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