Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Milestone

Olivia finished kindergarten today!  She thinks she's arrived now that she's a 1st grader.  After all, she's so much  more wise and mature than yesterday.    We'll use the next 4-6 weeks to reinforce a few areas and then start on 1st grade in mid-March.

Another milestone today, the girls are spending their first night away from home.  My husband and I have to go out of state tomorrow, so the girls (and the dog) are staying with the inlaws until we get back tomorrow evening.  I'm pretty certain they aren't bothered by being away from is why.

We arrive at the grandparents house, we walk in and both girls shout "bye mom!  love you!" and try to shove me back out the, I'm not leaving yet...met with a disappointed "oooooohhh" in unison.  About 10 minutes later Olivia comes in and says to me "I thought you were dropping us off and then leaving.  Aren't you supposed to be getting groceries?"   At least the dog had the common courtesy to follow me to the door and look at me pitifully through the glass...dumb dog.

On a more serious note.  Lindsey loves to sing (and talk, even in her sleep).  Sunday she came and told me she had a new song to sing for me.  I'm pretty certain it was a God inspired song; so I thought I'd share it here.

I'm calling My people

I'm calling their names

I'm calling My people, But they don't want to hear Me

I'm calling My people

I'm calling My people, but they won't hear me.

And I...... won't know their names.

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